Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets now on sale for the Aprill 22nd show in Downtown LA at The Downtown Independent Theatre. An incredible cast of people and their stories awaits you. Tickets are already selling so don't delay. Buy your ticket here. The CAST: Jeff Levall Charlene Ross Tanya McClure Wendy Hammers Jennifer Seifert Anne Etue Courtney Crane Lisa [...]

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Books & Shows With ExMo Alum Around LA

While I am pouring over submissions and planning the next show check out some events that ExMo alum here in Los Angeles are up to. Loretta Fox will be sharing one of her stories with fellow ExMo alum Larry Dean Harris' show Strong Words. The show will be held in SilverLake on February 28th, an all [...]

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Submissions Will Be Accepted Monday February 16th

Submissions for the next Expressing Motherhood will be accepted soon, Monday February 16th. I am looking for pieces about motherhood, when read aloud, that are 5 minutes long. The show will be one night only downtown at The Downtown Independent. Looking forward to your submission. Also, between now and February 28th if you tag a [...]

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Tally Abecassis’ New Postcast: First Day Back (Is AWESOME)

Montreal filmmaker and mom Tally Abecassis recently emailed me to tell me about her new podcast called First Day Back. It's about getting back to her filmmaking career after taking 6 years off to be with her kids. It's an audio documentary that will follow her story. She'll be bringing her microphone into her home, [...]

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