That’s A Wrap

Expressing Motherhood just wrapped its two weekend run in Silver Lake. A huge thank you to all of the performers and all of the audience members. I have been producing this show for 7 years now. As I drove home on Saturday night I was filled with a calm happiness that I knew would be [...]

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Three Shows Left

If you were lucky enough to watch our opening weekend then you were probably filled with emotion over the brave LA women pouring their hearts out to you. Thank you to all for driving as far as you did, I'm talking to you West Siders. ExMo performer  Michelle Villemaire posted three of her favorite comments [...]

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Opening Night is Tomorrow

After our two rehearsals, during this much needed rainy week in LA, I can tell you that the show is going to be tight. Seats are still available for opening night. Here are a few things to know: The house will open 1/2 hour before showtime. Showtime is 7:30PM for all shows. This weekend we [...]

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First Rehearsal: Stories from LA Moms

As I drove home from the first rehearsal I was listening to something on 89.9. They were talking about how there were so few great roles for women in Hollywood that they were having a hard time coming up with enough nominations for the Oscars. I had just left a room full of LA women [...]

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