ExMo Video Fear

Here is a piece I performed in Venice years ago. I shot some video and read my piece over it. It's about fear, God and cutting grapes into 4ths.   http://vimeo.com/78888844

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I Started a Mindfulness Class

Last week I started a mindfulness class via InsightLA. I think ExMo alum Elizabeth Aquino was kind enough to recommend it to me. After a week of getting my 3 and 4 year-old adjusted to their new pre-school I was ready for some CTFO time. That's Chill The Fudge Out Time. I am also doing [...]

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Submissions Opening October 1-3

Submissions open October 1-3 for the next Expressing Motherhood show which will be in SilverLake. Tickets are already on sale. You can buy them here. We will be in an intimate venue where you can have dinner and wine, cabaret style. A great chance to celebrate the holidays with your friends. Looking forward to reading [...]

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Suddenly a Quiet House

This week a big shift happened in our family. All three kids started school. For 8 years I have had a child at home and suddenly for quite a few hours I don't. I was incredibly nervous Sunday night, setting my alarm for the first time in years. I woke up as often as one [...]

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