When Friends Leave LA

Whenever someone leaves LA I become melancholy and also insecure.]   I mourn the loss of their presence, even if I never see them. Just knowing they are here somehow is comforting. A lot of my friends and past co-workers have left. It makes me also wonder, should we have gone, should we? I know [...]

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Our Last NYC Tote: Giveaway

This week I spilled water on my computer and broke it. That's the bad. The good is due to more free time I cleaned my closet and found one more beloved tote. Designed but my great friend Nete Oernsholt for our NYC show in 2009. We are giving it away. Just like it on Facebook. [...]

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Expressing Motherhood is Headed to BlogHer

Expressing Motherhood is headed to BlogHer. Please say hello if you are going and know us or want to get to know us. I'm headed solo, Lindsay here. Our twitter handle is @exmoshow I have never been but have been to Mom2Summit and Campy Mighty. I'm looking forward to talking, walking and taking it in. [...]

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ExMo Alum News

Summer is here and so is some social media de-toxing. Well a bit anyways. Mommy Tonk is wrapping up their Summer Tour, so proud of them. ExMo alum Michelle Brooks has her play, "Family Planning" debuting this week in Burbank at the Colony Theatre. ExMo alum Nicole Blaine has her on-going LA hit stand-up show [...]

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Take Your Kid To An Eye Doctor

A few years ago I overheard some moms saying that a specialist had come to their school and tested many of this kids and talked about how many kids go un-diagnosed in the "hey I need glasses department." I remember my mommy radar buzzing saying take your oldest in. I didn't. Cut to us asking [...]

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