Tips On Submissions

Submissions for the next Expressing Motherhood show will open up October 1st and close October 3rd. Here are some tips and requirements: *Pieces need to be NO longer then 5 minutes when read aloud. Please read them aloud and time yourself. *Made sure it's your story about motherhood, not someone else's. *Pieces about small portions [...]

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Thoughts On BlogHer

So here are my thoughts on BlogHer and how they relate to Expressing Motherhood. I went to socialize. I have never had intentions of monetizing ExMo. I didn't go to listen to the break out sessions. I was never a great student, especially once my anxiety kicked in during high school. I always sat by [...]

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Announcing Our Next Show

Expressing Motherhood is happy to announce our next show. We will be in SilverLake at the Lyric-Hyperion Theatre. The intimate theatre allows for food from their diner and wine and beer to be brought into the theatre. We will have 6 shows only, the first two weekend in December. But first submissions. Those open, October 1st [...]

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I Won’t Show You My Nails. But I Will Share With You My Waxing Story. Notes on Getting Ready For BlogHer.

This morning my husband brought my daughter into our bed around 5:45AM hoping for a little bit more sleep. Her big eyes were staring right back at me and her cute smile right underneath it. No more sleep but some precious cuddling. I have two older sons and am very cognitive of raising her to [...]

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