ExMo MeetUp: Moms Interested in Film AKA MIF’s

We have a few ExMo MeetUps coming up. A book. A run. And in between those let's meet up for Mexican and talk about films you have made or are interested in making. Join Expressing Motherhood for a chance to talk to other moms in LA who make videos or films. Maybe you came here [...]

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To Start Another Blog Or Not, That Is The Question

I have been hashing over the idea of starting my own site. Somewhere where I can talk about whatever I like without tainting ExMo with my freakiness. But then, who needs another mom blogger?! Right?! I've been on this path of simplifying for a year now. Saying no. And doing even less. But I love [...]

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New Sweatshirts & Racerback T’s Headed Our Way Soon

We have a limited amount of super cute new Expressing Motherhood gear coming in soon. We will be selling it online and at It Takes a Village in Montrose. This design was done by my(Lindsay) great friend Agnete Oernsholt. We only made a few of this older design and I've been complimented so often and [...]

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