My Experiment With Leaving Creative Time To Simmer

Beginning after the last show ended I took my first "maternity leave" from Expressing Motherhood. I needed to focus on a few things in our family but I also wanted to see what it was like not having a project, namely the show, to sidetrack me. I thought I might get rid of my nanny. [...]

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That’s Not OK

Tonight I said a goodnight prayer for my 2 year-old daughter. Just a thank you for the day prayer and I hope she has sweet dreams. We are an inter-faith family and don't always pray but I did it tonight. I ended it with "I hope she has good dreams. Amen." Right after I finished [...]

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“The Normal Heart”

Last night, after being up since 3:30AM with my oldest throwing up, I put all the tired kids to bed at 6:30PM and poured a glass of wine and started to watch "The Normal Heart." Right away I became tense and surprisingly emotional. I don't have that many gay male friends and I'm too young [...]

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New Shirts & Sweatshirts

Expressing Motherhood just got some really cute shirts, racerback tanks and lightweight pullovers. We have a very small batch of these and some have already sold out. But if you want one email me, and I'll shoot you a PayPal invoice or you can send me a check. We brought back the cool design [...]

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Heart Matters: My Path Having an SVT

Last night I finally made it to a WomenHeart of West Los Angeles meeting. Amanda Daniels has invited me for a year now. I met her via an ExMo alum Abby. Amanda co-founded the WomenHeart of West Los Angeles support group, a peer led group providing education and support to women living with heart disease. [...]

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Expressing Motherhood is Now on Spotify

Expressing Motherhood has been in a slow process to get our performances up on some type of audio service, we are happy that we now have them up on Spotify!   Please go listen, like and share. They should be trickling in slowly but surely.  

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