Mother’s Day Streaming

To celebrate creative moms we have collaborated with moms from different creative corners. Expressing Motherhood will be streaming our latest show, on Vimeo for the entire weekend of Mother's Day. It will be open to the public and you can start it at whatever time is best for you. So get your friends together and [...]

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ExMo Meet Up: The Rose Run Race in LA

For the first time since she has started her race, producing partner Jessica Cribbs will be in Los Angeles for the Rose Run this Summer, June 28th! She will hop in her minivan the next day for her annual pilgrimage out to Michigan to head up the race there. Please join me in an ExMo [...]

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Expressing Motherhood Gear in a Store

Today had me in one grouchy mood this morning. I hadn't been doing much ExMo for a few months, I've gained a bunch of weight and I needed to release some crazy in me. I headed off to a much needed spin class and after breaking a sweat I pulled on my ExMo sweatshirt and [...]

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Mother’s Day SALE

We are slashing our prices. Low, low, low (said in low voice) Seriously though all shirts will be $12 that includes shipping between now and May 10th! Supplies available while they last.   Just email us with your size and color and if it's available we'll shoot you a Paypal invoice, you pay and we [...]

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Celebrate Creative Moms With Us This Mother’s Day Weekend

This Mother's Day Weekend Celebrate Creative Moms with Mary Trunk of "Lost in Living", the national stage show "Expressing Motherhood"(us!), author Amanda Hirsch "Feeling My Way: Finding Motherhood Without Losing Myself" and comedians and singer song-writers "Mommy Tonk." All weekend "Lost In Living" will be screened for free online. Expressing Motherhood will screen their latest [...]

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