My Child Took Over When I Needed Him Too

This afternoon I took my three kids to Descanso Gardens. It was a particularly gorgeous Los Angeles day. Cool, some clouds, sun and the gardens in bloom. The grounds were spectacular. My kids roamed and fell into their imaginations. I wondered if I coddled my 7 1/2 year-old boy too much as I sat on [...]

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Spotlight on Smora

Smora is a natural skin care company started by  Midwest sisters Robyn and Christa Raskowski. I reached out to Robyn and Christa to see if they would be interested in giving some of their product away to all of our film-goers this Sunday, they said yes! Read about the women and their new company below. [...]

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Future ExMo Meet Ups

We are receiving a lot of great interest in our ExMo meetups. If you have a great idea, want to offer up your business or home for the next meet up email us at We are looking for fun ideas and excuses to get like minded, creative moms together. If you are a business, [...]

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Sunday Night’s Screening Just Got Even More Fun

Our screening of Mary Trunk's "Lost In Living" is this Sunday. For just $8 you'll get food sponsored by Daphne's Greek Cuisine, appetizers from Pretzel Crisps, the film, a chance to ask the director a question or two, wine and a gift from Smora. And you'll get to see MommyTonk perform two new songs of [...]

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