Wear Red On Opening Night

Opening night, February 7th, is also National Wear Red Day in honor of raising awareness against hear disease. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, more then any cancer combined. If you haven't seen the PSA that the actress Elizabeth Banks made then here it is. http://youtu.be/t7wmPWTnDbE I had her experience, except I was [...]

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Helpful Info on the Show

Our show opens February 7th.  Here is some helpful info on it. Parking The theatre has ample street parking but please allow yourself to get to the theatre 30 minutes before showtime. That way you won't stress trying to find a spot and you can grab a glass of wine. We do start our shows [...]

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Red Shoes & Hollywood Boulevard

This morning I had the rare treat of taking a shower, blowing my hair dry, putting on makeup and a dress. Usually it's me getting the kids ready. My 3 year-old asked why I was dressed that way and I gave him a kiss and took off to meet Christina and Jessica on top of [...]

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Reflecting on 7 Seasons

I'm sitting here on the floor of my boys room as I keep hissing, go to bed. Go to bed. My almost 4 year-old demands I sit here. My 7 1/2 year-old doesn't like it. I'm sitting in the dark thinking over how many years have gone past since our first show in 2008. I [...]

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**This is not a paid post. Just an over-share from an LA mom, me, who has three kids and a muffin top that she wants to minimize. I've been improving my health for over a year now. Really I'm always working at staying healthy in between wine and late night snacking. The last little part [...]

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