Susanna Morgan’s Video

Susanna Morgan is an LA mom who was in our show, Fall of 2012.   She performed a great piece. I asked her if she'd be interested in "re-creating" it and filming it. She was game. I promptly ordered a fake hair piece and a mustache. Susanna showed up one afternoon and we made this [...]

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Meet Upcoming Performer Peggy Mannix

Meet upcoming performer Peggy Mannix. Peggy has lived in SilverLake for 30 years! Her piece will give you something to talk about if you are fortunate enough to be able to come see the show. It's great. Meet Peggy...   How did you hear about ExMo? Went to see my beloved friend Anna Bocci perform [...]

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Maternity Shirt Giveaway

Alright, who wants one of our cute black, maternity t-shirts? Because we are giving one away. Simply leave a comment below and we'll pick a winner tomorrow morning and ship it your way. A great gift for yourself or for someone else.  

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Meet Michelle Villemaire

Michelle Villemaire will be performing in our next show in Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now. How did you hear about ExMo?  I first heard about ExMo when a mom from our synagogue, Laura Diamond, mentioned that she did the show. Then In April I met you lovelies at a Club MomMe event. :) How [...]

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Meet Upcoming Performer Nicole Alaimo

We started doing interviews with our upcoming performers awhile back. Nicole Alaimo will be performing in our upcoming Hollywood show. She lives in Hollywood. So here you have it a real Hollywood mom.     How did you hear about ExMo?  I originally heard about ExMo via Daily Candy How many kids do you have? [...]

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Opening Night, Sponsored by Club Mom Me

Tickets for our opening night are already selling. It's going to be a great evening as it will be sponsored by Club Mom Me. That means lots of bonuses for the extra $5 you spend on your ticket. We will spoil you for the evening. Tickets are on sale now, get yours here.

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