Our Favorite 2013 Expressing Motherhood Moment…….

2013 proved to be a great year for Expressing Motherhood. On personal levels, our families are healthy and our kids are all doing well in school. Lindsay and I both have side projects that scratch small itches in our personal lives, proving to be both fun and somewhat adventurous. FixTheToaster.com is helping to project Lindsay's [...]

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Meet Upcoming Performer Rachel Zients Schinderman

Upcoming performer Rachel Zients Schinderman is no stranger to the Expressing Motherhood stage. She has performed with us many times over the years. Her writing classes, which she teaches, Mommie Brain, have sent us many performers our way. It's been great having her calming presence around over the years. How did you hear about ExMo?  [...]

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Meet Upcoming Performer Amanda MacKinnon

Meet Amanda MacKinnon. She is flying in from Boston to perform in the show! This always amazes us that people will do this. Makes us happy of course. We can't wait to hang with you Amanda. How did you hear about ExMo?  An acquaintance performed in your Boston show.   How many kids do you [...]

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We Had A Sunday Morning #MomsLAHoliday Style

Moonlight Rollerway They had me at 'Moonlight Rollerway.' I love to skate. Let me correct that, I love to Rollerblade. I haven't been on actual quad skates in years. Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, California is a very fun, hip, happenin' place to get your skate on. Most recently, I watched an episode of [...]

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Meet Upcoming Performer Kari Dyas

Read about upcoming performer Kari Dyas here.   I have 2 children. My daughter Maud is 15 and my son Hugo is 12.   I work as a designer - invitations and stationery, found-object assemblage pieces, re-worked vintage children's clothes, linen napkins. I have an 1889 letterpress on which I print, feeding each piece of [...]

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