Tarzana & Palm Springs

Tomorrow Expressing Motherhood is headed to Tarzana Hospital to put on a mini ExMo show. Nicole Blaine, an ExMo alum, brought this idea to us and she has produced it. I look forward to it. I'll be reading my "Notes From a Good Girl" piece. I was born at this hospital so it will hold [...]

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ExMo Challenge Time

Shannon and I are going to do another ExMo Challenge, starting this Monday. After some potential debauchery for me in the desert. Woah, I just re-read Shannon's text, she's doing 30 weeks!! Stand by I just texted her to see if she's ready to start this on Monday. Her text: I'm doing it! 30 weeks. [...]

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On Miscarriage

It's 7:21PM and I just put my oldest child to bed. He is 7. I have 3 kids. I have had 1 miscarriage. Perhaps because my husband is out biking, yes, he night bikes and perhaps because the internet is lit up with people lighting candles I feel like sharing my story. It's not a [...]

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Expressing Motherhood is headed to Go Mighty

I am headed to Palm Springs this weekend to participate in a blogger retreat called Camp Mighty.     Elizabeth Jayne Liu just let me know about it this morning. So Palm Springs, here I come. I try to do one mom blogging conference a year and this is driving distance and I have some [...]

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On The Fence About Submitting?

Get off the fence and jump on in to a challenge. We want to hear your story.No, you don't have to dress like this.We just happen to love dress up over in these woods. As a former performer said, challenges to ourselves as we grow older grow further and further apart. Now every [...]

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