My Modern Ketubah

I am in an inter-faith marriage. And we still look at each like that. Every single day. Every single moment. All the time. yeah...........well anyways, we still make each other laugh and that's good. I was brought up non-denominational Christian and my husband was brought up Jewish. We've been together for 14 years [...]

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Follow Up With Chicago Performer Kathleen Buckley

Kathleen Buckley is an Illinois mom who recently performed in our Chicago show. You can read more about her in our pre-show interview here. But to hear about how she felt about doing the show and what her latest project are, read on. What was it like participating in Expressing Motherhood? What surprised you about [...]

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Purposefully Pulling Back

This week I returned from Chicago and just saturated myself in my kids. I gave my nanny the week off. Finally, my two oldest are in school and I had some alone time with my 2 year-old. I ignored my iPhone. I didn't text people back right away. I felt more relaxed then I have [...]

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A Great Review

Here is an email that a former performer sent to me, the email was sent to her. A great review! Just wanted to write to tell you that we went to see Expressing Motherhood in Chicago this past weekend and it was incredible! Absolutely beyond amazing, inspiring, raw, heartfelt and moving. I only wish it [...]

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Expressing Motherhood’s New Project With Rooftop Media

Expressing Motherhood will be teaming up with a great company out of San Francisco called Rooftop Media. Look or rather listen for Expressing Motherhood pieces on air soon! Meaning you'll be able to listen to our previous performers pieces, perhaps on your morning commute or up at night while breastfeeding. First it will just be [...]

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My Chicago Experience

Here is my post on the Chicago wrap up. I chose "Pumpin Blood" by NONONO as the song we all bow to because I've been spinning to it so much and my heart has been at the forefront of my mind this year. On January 1st my heart started racing and I drove the the [...]

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