ExMo Hike

Yesterday a few of us met up and went for a morning hike. It was a beautiful, cool LA morning. We hiked up to the Griffith Observatory. We were laughing so much as we asked someone to take our picture he asked us if we were from here. We talked about the ExMo Challenge. Shannon [...]

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Expressing Motherhood is Headed to Chicago in 3 Weeks

Expressing Motherhood is headed to Chicago in 3 weeks! We've been doing interviews with our upcoming performers. Have you read up on LA moms Shannon Noel, Stacie Burrows and Kim Allen-Niesen? How about Boston moms Robin Maxfield and Elizabeth B. Soutter? We've also highlighted Illinois moms Colleen O'Neill, Jayme Miller and Ohio mom Kendra Pinkelman. To [...]

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ExMo Tradition

One of our ExMo traditions is that I let my oldest help me choose the song the cast will come out and bow to. He even received stitches over his eye while we were dancing to "Home" getting ready for our NYC trip. http://youtu.be/rjFaenf1T-Y Tonight, my second born son and I might have found just [...]

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Look for Julie Goldman on Kings Lane

A fellow LA mom, friend and decorator Julie Goldman, is going to be the featured buyer on Kings Lane this Sunday. It's called the "Tastemaker Tag Sales," Curated selections from leading design visionaries. Hello awesome! I'm excited for her and wanted to share. I enjoy watching fellow moms create new creative paths. I interviewed Julie awhile [...]

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