Saturday Night

Kiddos are asleep and I'm re-visiting the upcoming pieces that will be shared with our Chicago audience members. Listening to music to pair with the pieces and crying. Thank you for sharing your stories. I'd never heard of this band, Blue October, but enjoying "Sway" by them. This is the only video I could find, [...]

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The State(s) of the Cast

Our performers are coming from a lot of different states. Cool map from Inhabitots. We have some Illinois moms of course. (woo-woo) One from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Two from Ohio. Two from Massachusetts. Three from Los Angeles. This will be our most diverse, in regards to states cast we've had so far.  

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Under Twinkly Lights

Last night upcoming Chicago performers Stacie Burrows, Shannon Noel, a wonderful new friend of Stacie's I got to meet all had dinner under twinkly lights surrounded by a warm LA night. It was one of those moments when you open a little door and are transported into the sexy side of LA. Fabulous food, fun, [...]

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Tourist Questions for Chicago Natives

OK, Chicago natives what are some great restaurants we should go to? There will be 5 LA moms arriving on Monday, who will be on West Coast time, meaning we can for once, stay up past 9PM. Our hotel is in the Bellmont District. We don't need fancy either! Also, complete random question: I love [...]

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Getting Ready

Putting on the show is pure joy for me. Traveling to put on the show is a lot of fun as well as I can see friends from all over the country. Going on an airplane is not fun for me. But I have to giggle over this photo and remind myself if I can [...]

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