Giveaway: “The Sex Talk”

***Update Susan Sheu won a copy of this new book. We had our readers comment on Facebook as well and that's where everyone commented. Very fitting for her to win this as she spoke about this issue  in one of our shows. Expressing Motherhood has a copy of "The Sex Talk" toted as, a survival [...]

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“Same Love”

When I first heard "Same Love" my jaw dropped. I was driving by myself. I turned the song up and then I started crying. I immediately thought of a mother's love and how we all want the best for our children, plain and simple. I just love this song. If you haven't heard it here [...]

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Expressing Motherhood Challenge

Apparently when Shannon and I decided to challenge ourselves, over wine, we didn't work out the details. Go figure. She's starting tomorrow with her 30 Day  regime. I started making  a change yesterday. We are both giving ourselves different rules. I tend to follow more of a French standard. Except I'm taking out the alcohol [...]

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Expressing Motherhood Chicago, Girls Trip Info

I could not be more excited that most of my closest college girlfriends will be coming to see Expressing Motherhood in Chicago. Whether it's via plane or car these ladies are getting it done and I'm thrilled to see them. I'm also thrilled to have coffee and read the paper in the mornings....uninterrupted...woo-hoo! [...]

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