Submission Questions You Might Have

Listening to the birds sing...and watching the sun come up Submissions for our next show, which will be in Chicago, are opening up this Monday for one week. Here are some commonly asked questions with some answers to help you. 1. How long should it be? 5-6 minutes tops when read aloud. Make [...]

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Submissions Open On Monday For Chicago

My boys and I were in the car last week and KCRW had a terrific set on. Including this piece by Little Jeans called "Oh Sailor." My 3 year-old blurted out I love this song! We had never heard it. If you are vacillating as to whether or not you should submit. I would like [...]

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Yes, We Want Stories From Grandmothers

Whenever I hear someone say I wish you had more stories from grandmothers, I respond, me too! Expressing Motherhood accepts all stories about motherhood. Due to who is using the computers and what sources we tap into to help us spread the word about submissions we often do not get grandmothers. So please help us [...]

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Should I Submit?

If you have come to this site thinking about submitting, even just a little bit, I hope that I can persuade you to do just so. First of all the power is in your story and since we all have stories to tell you've got some power right there. A lot of people who have [...]

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