Host Your Own Expressing Motherhood Party

We have been sending out a compilation of some of our performers to parents all over the states. States such as Kentucky, Iowa, Texas, Washington, well really almost all of them. Host your own DVD party. Think of it as the modern day tupperware party but one where you talk about feelings with your friends. [...]

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Happy Memorial Day!

My Grandfather, Robert E. Johnson Today is more than just BBQ's. We celebrate the lives of the men and women who fought and are still fighting for our country...those who have lost their lives and those who survived. I had the distinct honor of creating a project that will be forever treasured in [...]

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Stretchy Pants to Heels & Skirts & Back Again

It's been a very fun few weeks for myself and Jessica. With the Maria Shriver in my backyard incident, being on the Today Show and then getting to dress up and be surrounded by 13 wild and crazy moms in a small room and then met with applause, well pretty great. There is always [...]

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Expressing Motherhood is Going To Chicago

Expressing Motherhood will be headed to Chicago this Fall. Dates and details are being ironed out the next few weeks but spread the word and get to creating! Thank you to our most recent LA cast, we had a fabulous run. Looking forward to heading to the midwest soon.

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