March of Dimes

Many time Expressing Motherhood performer Rachel Zients Schinderman has emailed me with information on her upcoming walk for the March of Dimes. Rachel is so passionate about the cause that she is now the Family Teams Communications Leader. To read more about her walk and/or to donate here is some information from Rachel:  This year [...]

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My Families Weekend Soundtrack

Anne Litt's show on KCRW  been the soundtrack for my families weekends for a long time now. Her show always helps soothes me right when I need it. Around 2PM on a Saturday when my husband I are wondering what to do with the kids the rest of the day.  The music seems to mellow [...]

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A Grant for Parents that Write

Expressing Motherhood performer, Michelle Kholos Brooks, shared an article with me that speaks right to you parents that write. It is about a mom and dad based out of San Francisco who in 2011 decided to start: Sustainable Arts Foundation (SAF), a nonprofit based in San Francisco that provides unrestricted financial awards to writers and [...]

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Spotlight on a Sponsor: Out of Print

If you've been to one of our shows you know that we often raffle off great items. This upcoming show will prove no different. We've been given some great gear from Out of Print Here is their mission: Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Our products feature iconic and often out [...]

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