Good Running Song

I've been a bit obsessed with Pink's song "Try." Though I fancy myself an indie girl this song gets to me. I just watched the music video and loved watching the choreography. I wonder if she made this post baby? At any rate a great watch for any dancers out there and also a great [...]

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Local LA Moms Running Club Led By Lucie Murray

As part of Expressing Motherhood's continued interest in moms channeling their creativity I recently interviewed LA mom Lucie Murray. Lucie heads up Moms In MotionLA. Jessica and myself participated in MIM for a few years and we loved it. The group meets up in Griffith park on Saturday mornings, sans children. 7:30-9:30AM. I started out [...]

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A Sound Bath

Expressing Motherhood decided to ring in the New Year by literally ringing it in. We had Jamie Bechtold, a local LA woman, who conducts private and public sound baths come over to my home and play for a group of us. Beautiful Jamie Bechtold.   Jamie brings her own gongs and bowls. She set [...]

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Submissions Are Opening January 14th

Submissions for our Mother's Day Run in Hollywood are opening up January 14th. All information can be found here! If you are wondering if it is a fun/terrifying/exhausting/rewarding experience...that seems to be the general concensus! Andrea Meyer and her husband Harlan in Venice at our first show in 2008. Looking forward to reading [...]

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