Our Submissions Open Soon

We know how busy you all are but just want to keep getting the word out there that our submissions open January 14th for one week. What am I doing writing this on Christmas? Enjoying some free minutes to myself while breathing in the Clorox I just cleaned the floor with. Because that is what [...]

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Les Miserables

When I was in my early teens my wonderful friend's dad and mom would play music all the time. Her dad, in particular, would play musicals. One of these musicals was Les Miserables. What was so wonderful about listening to the music was also the narrative he would give to us driving us to and [...]

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Choosing, Not Losing Religion

Moms LA is running a piece I just wrote about being in an interfaith marriage.   Moms LA is run by two very supportive women, Yvonne Condes and Sarah Aureswald. Their site focuses on Life in LA, which can be a challenge for anyone, but especially for those of us trying to raise kids here. Raising [...]

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Amy Friedman’s New Book: Desperado’s Wife

I have heard Amy Friedman's name a few times when people submit to be in Expressing Motherhood. Amy Friedman Then, just yesterday, former performer Susan Sheu emailed me saying that a wonderfully supportive woman here in LA, named Amy Friedman, had just published a book, would I help give it some publicity. Yes! [...]

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To All The Moms and Grandmas Running Around Today

This week I have been overwhelmed with the feeling that I am the woman in charge of putting on our Christmas. Albeit for a very small group, but none the less, even if I plan on picking up a pre-made meal from Whole Foods I still have to plan it. All of the wrapping, cooking [...]

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