Courageous Women

I am always personally drawn to the stories of tragedy and triumph in our Expressing Motherhood shows. I suppose I feel connected to them, in a way. We have had so many women share such deep, emotional and often times very raw pieces on stage, I’m left with them for weeks...with a literal feeling of [...]

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And our next show will be…

In Hollywood baby! Seriously, if you live in LA you have got to see "Sunset Boulevard" your jaw will drop at how little has changed. We are excited to be back at The Elephant Theatre, one of the most recognizable names in the Hollywood theatre district, this time back in their biggest space, [...]

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Dana Bell

  Do you know Dana Bell? She’s beautiful. She’s strong. She’s a single mother of three. She’s performed in Expressing Motherhood. She is a sister, a friend, a colleague...a daughter. She has breast cancer. Dana at Expressing Motherhood Maybe you don’t know the Dana Bell. But, I’m sure you know a Dana Bell. [...]

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Ripe by Wendy Hammers

Expressing Motherhood has been lucky enough to have had people keep coming back to our show time and time again. It is always greatly appreciated when people in the Los Angeles theatre scene continue to do so. Wendy Hammers is one of those people. She's passionate about theatre and story telling. She's a mom to [...]

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A Whole New World…With Words.

Writing is my main source of creativity. My outlet. Words mean an awful lot to me. I LOVE words. I love talking. I love listening. I love music, movies, poetry, television....I love writing...and there is no writing without reading. The first novel I read as a very young child that blew me away was Where [...]

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