Gutzy Gear…and other giveaways!

Posted by Co-Creator & Producer, Jessica Cribbs My daughter joined Girl Scouts about a year ago. Girl Scouts is great..she’s graduated from a Daisy to a Brownie and Girl Scouts is, really. I adore this organization. Ok, except for maybe the patch thing. She started earning patches left and right and I was ironing [...]

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Today Was…

Here is a glimpse at how Today Was...for upcoming performer Krista Knott.   today was hard. and easy. and very much the same as most of the days before today. and, yet...different. there are certain rhythms that happen all on their own. the mornings. the waking up, the creaking of doors and hallways. i always [...]

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Today Was…

A guest post by upcoming performer Shannon Noel.  Today our new series that consists of your photos and words that capture your day. TODAY every day is, all things BOY!  I love this picture so much. It really does represent a typical day for us.  Please notice the SHARPIE artwork on my couch!  [...]

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Under the Blue Light

A post by Co-Creator/Director Lindsay Kavet. I can't wait to be backstage in the blue light while the brave moms are up onstage and I can just sit back there and listen to them. Looking at the performers, like Dr. Kathy Magliato from above, who are waiting to go up. In awe that they are [...]

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