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Expressing Motherhood Will Be Contributing to What The Flicka!

We are excited to announce that Expressing Motherhood will be contributing on Felicity Huffman’s site, What The Flicka!

Felicity Huffman
Felicity Huffman

We look forward to meeting more creative moms out there and spotlighting the ones we already know. Creativity and motherhood often initially meet each other in a long stand off. Once things get going we’ve found creative women are not stopped just because they become mothers. There are so many interesting creative journeys going on for you moms out there and we look forward to talking about them.

Meet Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Elizabeth Jayne Liu swears. A lot.


And we swear that she is one person that commands the stage.

Elizabeth  can be read and seen a lot of place. Her blog, Flourish in Progress, has been featured on Glamour, CBS, SavvySugar and other media outlets.

Connect with her on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Recent performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu, she'll also be performing in our next show, here in LA in May.
Recent performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu, she’ll also be performing in our next show, here in LA in May.

She also writes for the Huffington Post.

In the two years that her blog has been up it’s been named by Babble both years as a Top Mom Blog and she’s also been a Voices of the Year for BlogHer both years in the category of Humor.

Last year she was a Keynote Voices of the Year and she was able to read her piece in New York. 

Her new AM radio show/podcast, Flourish in Progress, was recently launched.

Google also named Flourish in Progress one of their “Blogs on Note” in 2011. Elizabeth also writes under the alias Flo-Rich for an urban site and for Felicity Huffman on her blog, What the Flicka.

Elizabeth will be sharing her story on our stage in May.

Meet Stacie Burrows

Stacie Burrows has performed for Expressing Motherhood a lot.

Because she is just, a lot. We love her, so does the audience and she keeps coming up with great new material on her journey here in LA raising kids.

She writes at What the Flicka and Seriously Funny. Stacie will be in our next show here in LA and we can’t wait to share her with you.