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The Founder of Precious Preemie Project

I was lucky enough to bump into Raquel on the streets of Montrose during an art fair. We started talking about our individual mom projects. Turns out she started a project that takes hand knitted hats for babies in NICUs. Here is her story, written by Raquel herself:



After struggling with fertility and finally getting pregnant, I was excited to give birth and finally my ‘little bundle of joy’. With each passing week, I grew more and more curious about what my baby will look like. I fantasized about her height, the sound of her voice, the softness of her hair. I wondered what she would smell like and the types of questions she would ask me. I dreamed of us taking walks together and rolling in the grass.
Each time she kicked or rolled around in my stomach, my amazement and attachment to my child grew. As the weeks passed, I thought more and more about prematurity and coaxed my baby to stay in my tummy as long as she wanted.

I knew the physical and emotional needs a premature baby might need and I silently hoped that my baby would not come early.

One day in late autumn, my healthy daughter was born. Not only did she not come early, but she decided to stay in my tummy an extra 5 days.

While I visited my daughter in the hospital’s nursery. I saw premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. I saw their tiny bodies. I saw nurses. I saw worried parents. I saw tubes, machines and heard lots of beeps. My heart ached and I knew that I must do something to help these little babies and their families….the video below tells my story.



A post by Co-Creator Lindsay Kavet.

Yesterday I was walking on the shady side of the street in Montrose and happened upon a couple who have a baby, they also started a cool new project called Precious Preemie Project. “Precious Preemie Project donates hand-made knitted hats to premature babies in neonatal intensive care units.


The lovely couple and I were laughing and having a good time learning about each other’s business endeavors. I walked away, once again, loving how different being a business woman/artist/stay at home mom who works sometimes, what the hell am I? I don’t know but I like it.

Then today I drug my two little ones to a Starbucks and plopped them in their double Bob stroller. Only to find it wouldn’t fit through the bathroom door.

I was waiting for the right stranger to leave my kids with so I could run into the bathroom quickly. A woman leaned over and asked my daughter why she had tears in her eyes.

Bingo. “I’m sorry this is nuts but can you watch my kids while I run into the restroom?”

“You got it mama, relax, go.”

When I returned she laughed and said, “You know I’m actually a babysitter,” and she handed me her card.

I asked her if I could share it on my site, she said yes, so here is the kind stranger who helped me today. She works primarily on the East side.

When I stayed in that fancy shmanzy hotel earlier this week, I  watched business men and some women, dressed nicely eating off of some nice breakfast buffet about to have a meeting.

Part of me wants that. But the bigger part of me loves having impromptu meetings with fellow moms/artist with stains on my shirt, my hair in a bun and quickly bursting with ideas/exchanges before my child or theirs needs attention.