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ExMoShow Podcast: New Episode, Janet Baruch

In the latest Expressing Motherhood podcast episode I interviewed Janet Baruch.

Landscape Designer Janet Baruch. Owner of Greenway Gardens.
Landscape Designer Janet Baruch. Owner of Greenway Gardens.

She is a landscape designer based out of Richmond, Virginia. After going through a divorce, years ago now, she went and earned her certificate to become a landscape designer and started her own successful business, Greenway Gardens.

A parterre garden Janet designed years ago now flourishing.
A parterre garden Janet designed years ago now flourishing.

Janet has two girls in their 20’s and 3 stepsons in their late 20’s and early 30’s and is happily re-married.

She’s also my Aunt and one of my favorite people!

Fresh figs cut from Janet's fig tree in her yard.
Fresh figs cut from Janet’s fig tree in her yard.

We covered how she built her business, at first working for free. How she tells people right up front how much she charges and sends over a contract before beginning work and she admits she needs to do more with social media. She does have an Instagram account but tends to post a lot of photos of her dog.

Her dog Oliver and flowers!
Her dog Oliver and flowers!

We had a great conversation and it’s quite informative, if you listen to it and have the time please leave a review on iTunes and subscribe to the show. In this day and age toughness seems to be defined by tattoos and hair dye, though my aunt only sports blonde hair and no tattoos she is tough, smart and cool while also offering some Southern charm.


Click here to listen or go to iTunes and search under podcasts for Expressing Motherhood.


Submissions, A Podcast and a New City

A big thank you to all who submitted for the Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls shows. We will get back to you within the next two weeks.

The September Los Angeles show will be accepting submission on June 23rd. Please check under Submissions for details on showtimes and rehearsals.


We have one more city to announce, Expressing Motherhood will be headed to Des Moines, Iowa in the Spring! Local Producer Ashlen Sheaffer will be heading up the show over there. Submissions for the Des Moines show will be accepted October 19th.


This is a video we shot back in 2009 when we were aiming to take ExMo to Des Moines in 2010. Thankfully we changed plans as I would have had to fly with a 6 week old colicky baby (no bleeping way.)


Tomorrow I’ll be talking to LA mom/writer Jillian Lauren on the ExMo podcast.


Expressing Motherhood Launches a Podcast

Expressing Motherhood has launched a podcast.

You can go to BlogTalkRadio to listen.



I’ve only recorded one episode so far and I need some help but the premise is I’ll be having past performers call in and share their stories about motherhood that they’ve shared with the show. I’ll also talk to them about being creative and what kind of underwear they are wearing.

I was just checking to see if you were still reading.

Bare with me as I figure out what I’m doing but go take a listen while you are folding laundry.