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April, Santa Monica ExMoShow

Expressing Motherhood will be back in Los Angeles on April 23rd at 6:30PM.

Doors to the lobby open at 5:30PM. Come grab some wine and try out some Brazilian chocolate. Doors to the house open at 6:00PM.

We will be back at the beautiful Moss Theatre. Don’t delay in getting your tickets as this show sells out.



Paria Hassouri

Alicia Garey

Cathi Lundy

Susanna Morgan

Chudney Ross

Annie Korzen

Nicole Blaine

Samantha Gutstadt

Mommy Tonk

Lisa Kotin

Jeri Okamoto

Miki Devo


Cast & Ticket Info For the Santa Barbara Expressing Motherhood


The Santa Barbara cast is here!

Thank you to all who submitted. Tickets will be available soon. Please save the date for May 4th at 6PM at the Center Stage Theatre in Santa Barbara.

The Cast:

Karen Kasaba
Meredith Miller
Karen Rappaport McHugh

Expressing Motherhood, Santa Monica Mother’s Day Show

Expressing Motherhood will have a May 3rd show at 8PM at the Moss Theatre at the Herb Alpert Education Village at New Roads School.


The night will be sponsored by Mom.Me and Club Mom Me.


Come celebrate your friendships with your fellow mom friends and hear brave women get up on stage and share their stories with you.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Meet The Cast:

Wendy Hammers

Lindsay Kavet

Shea Andreone

Mommy Tonk

Marni Ayers

Amelia Dalgaard

Michelle Joyner

Liza Marquez

Karen Rappaport McHugh

Jessica Patay

Jill Remez

Rachel Sarnoff

Lan Tran

Suzanne Weerts


Meet Lora Ackermann: The South Bay Cast

Lora Ackermann will be a part of Expressing Motherhood’s first ever South Bay cast January 23rd and 24th at 7:30PM.



Lora hails from the West Coast(Oregon-Washington-So-Cal) she is a heart trainer, blogger, writer, artist, mistake-make, habit-breaker and builder, teacher, finder of love in all things, friend, single mom, imperfections, self-professed comedian and  human cheerleader.

In her spare time, she combines her Master’s in the Art of Teaching, 25 years in the field of education, art background, and 17 years of leadership-development training to help organizations great and small learn how to communicate, innovate, and improve team-dynamics through the use of humor and toys.

In her spare, spare time, she also leads women’s art-inspired journey sessions. She is most passionate about her children, friends, family, and, well, people in general, as they never cease to amaze her in their talents and capacities. She is honored to be a part of this beautiful Expressing Motherhood show. Join her Hero Readership on colormesmiling.weebly.com or contact her at colormesmiling@gmail.com to share your hero stories or for any other reason.

8 Years of Expressing Motherhood

Expressing Motherhood closed out it’s 8th year this past weekend to a sold out crowd in Silver Lake.



Expressing Motherhood had a wonderful two night run in Chicago led by Local Producer Colleen O’Neill.

Colleen and our youngest performer ever, Lola, her daughter.
Colleen and our youngest performer ever, Lola, her daughter.


As far as upcoming shows, tickets for the South Bay show in January are now on sale.


Submissions for the Mother’s Day shows in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara will be accepted in January.


Here is a wonderful quote that Silver Lake patron Donna Staub had to say about the show, “The stories made me laugh, cry and think. Totally engrossing and carefully curated. I gave a well deserved standing ovation. Expressing Motherhood is a gift.”

I assure you I don’t think I could have dreamt 8 years ago this show would still be going or someone might say something like that.


Thank you for your continuing patronage.


Santa Barbara + Expressing Motherhood = Mother’s Day


Expressing Motherhood will be in another city for the first time. She gets around.

Santa Barbara we are coming at you.

ExMo alum Jacquelyn De Longe will be the Local Producer.


Jacquelyn De Longe is a three time performer of Expressing Motherhood Los Angeles and is pleased to direct and produce this national community building play in Santa Barbara. She began her production career at 20, driving a van of film reels around Hollywood and with in a few years worked her way up to Associate Producer in commercial VFX production. Tired of 60 hour weeks her creative interests led her to earn her a degree in Fine Art from Art Center College of Design, followed by years of experience in the Los Angeles art world, working for major galleries and prominent artists. Now a resident of Santa Barbara this mother of two (4&6) splits her time between writing for West Coast newspapers and magazines, advocating for children’s art programs as a local member of the California Alliance for Arts Education, and trying to raise the next generation of decent human beings.


The show is one night only, May 4th. Submissions will be accepted in January. Details can be found here.

Expressing Motherhood: Call For Submissions For Chicago

Expressing Motherhood is headed back to Chicago this November.


Submissions will be accepted soon, September 7th. Please help us spread the word.

Former ExMoShow Alum Colleen O’Neill will be the Local Producer for the Chicago show.

Born and raised in Chicago, Colleen began her career as an kid actor selling cereal toys and candy at the ripe old age of eight for $38/day. Back then she was mostly in it for the craft service and missing school.  She is a Second City Conservatory alum of both the LA and Chicago programs. In addition to writing, directing and producing, she is also one of the founding members of the sketch comedy group The McGillicuddys and producer and founder of the all-female sketch show “Slippery Handles,” which is also the name of her blog.  “Slippery Handles” came out of Colleen’s experience in searching for the funny in a not so funny battle with cancer. A self-proclaimed not-your-mama’s-mama with an affinity for swear words, Colleen counts herself blessed to be the mama of one super-smart, supremely hilarious and always patient little girl.  She also has an amazing, supportive husband who helps her to appear sane at parties.
Colleen’s current projects include work on her original,fully-improvised comedy #Actress and producing her first feature film “Blind Faith.”Her credits include TV, Film, Commercials, Print and Theater. Colleen does a bit of stand-up now and then. She is so excited to be producing this Expressing Motherhood Chicago show.


Email her with any questions. chicago(at)expressingmotherhood.com

We will have a rehearsal:

11/5 Thursday 3PM-7PM


11/6 Friday @ 7:30PM

11/7 Saturday @ 8:30PM

In cooperation with Chicago Children’s Theatre the show will be held at the CCT residence theater The Ruth Page Theater Housed within this historic building is a 218-seat black box theater, a wonderfully intimate and flexible setting for theater and dance performances that offers excellent acoustics and sightlines. The theater is supported by a reception area, concession area in lower level lounge, photographic display area and Box office.



Submissions Accepted June 1 for Sioux Falls, Boston & San Francisco

Submissions will be accepted on Monday, June 1st for the Sioux Falls, Boston and San Francisco Fall 2015 Expressing Motherhood shows.


Please see Submissions for information.

We are looking for pieces that, when read aloud, are 5 minutes long.

They need to be your story about motherhood.

You need not be a female or a mother.

Piece can be in the form of a monologue, song, skit or my yet to be had but wanted….dance number.

Local Producer Megan Pederson was featured on KeloLand today talking about how Expressing Motherhood is headed to Sioux Falls for the first time and submissions will be accepted this Monday.


Expressing Motherhood Fall 2015: San Francisco, Boston & Sioux Falls

Expressing Motherhood is headed to two new cities this Fall, San Francisco and Sioux Falls.


We will also be headed back to Boston.

All three shows will be accepting submissions on June 1st.

Expressing Motherhood will have local producers put on the the show in Sioux Falls and Boston. Megan Pederson will be producing the Sioux Falls show. She is available via email at siouxfalls(at)expressing motherhood.com. Robin Maxfield, an ExMo alum, will be producing the Boston show, she is available via email at boston(at)expressing motherhood.com


For show details please see Submissions.

We are looking for stories about motherhood to be shared on stage. They should be no longer then 5 minutes when read aloud.

Looking forward to seeing the  show enjoyed by more people this Fall!