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Expressing Motherhood’s 8th Season

This is Expressing Motherhood’ 8th season.

Our first program. I used a photo I had taken of my belly while 9 months pregnant during the hottest summer on record in Los Angeles, with a 60 pound weight gain to boot.
Our first program. I used a photo I had taken of my belly while 9 months pregnant during the hottest summer on record in Los Angeles, with a 60 pound weight gain to boot.

In looking back over some photos during the first show back in June 2008 it’s clear to see that, we’ve aged.


Kidding aside, it’s also clear to see that we’ve been busy.

Me and my oldest, when it was just him.
Me and my oldest, when it was just him.

I only had one child when the show debuted. Jessica had two already. Our good friend Polly died the month before we debuted ExMo and the show could not have been a bigger gift as I threw myself into, literally as a means to channel my grief.

Jessica actually had to miss our first show as she contacted Meningitis! We kept thinking I had caused her to have a mental break down. Fortunately that was not the case.

Jessica being the superwoman she is made our programs from her hospital bed.

Rebecca Woolf was an original cast member.
Terry! The first person ever cast in the show. I was scouting for a theatre and Terry was so effusive about my idea he said I have to be in it. I agreed, you do and so he was. I called up Jess and said, “I’ve cast our first person and he’s a man.”

As we say though, the show must go on.

Original cast member Rebecca Woolf.
Original cast member Rebecca Woolf.

Within a year it was selling out and we took it, both pregnant this time to NYC turning our idea over the phone into a national play that was actually connecting with people.

Jessica and I being filmed for an LA news station.
Jessica and I being filmed for an LA news station.

I adore being a part of the show and look forward to announcing two new cities where it will be headed this Fall.

Get your ticket for next week’s DTLA show at 7:30PM.


Follow Up With Chicago Performer Kathleen Buckley

Kathleen Buckley is an Illinois mom who recently performed in our Chicago show. You can read more about her in our pre-show interview here. But to hear about how she felt about doing the show and what her latest project are, read on.


What was it like participating in Expressing Motherhood?

What surprised you about being in the show?

This was my first time on stage, my first time being back stage in a theater, and my first time sharing one of my stories in a public setting so I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Lindsay and Jessica were so organized and professional that they made it super easy to participate and do so successfully. All the other cast members, many of whom had performed before, were so supportive and welcoming. And everyone was SO MUCH FUN! I got to meet an amazing, intersting and diverse group of women. I didn’t expect to meet people that I’d want to really know. They made every moment off stage memorable. Expressing Motherhood was like a mix of Girl Scout Camp and Bourbon Street – and those have been two of my favorite places to visit!
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Had you ever performed before?

No, unless you include standing up in front of stuffy business types nervously pitching product ideas.

What projects do you have on the immediate horizon?

I have three ongoing projects:

  • Publishing an anthology of stories for and about women who became moms after the age of forty. My two partners on the project, like me,  had their first babies after forty, and we know first hand how being an older mom poses it’s own unique set of joys and challenges. The call for entries can be found here.

 My portfolio! I hope to get my MFA in Graphic Design so I can eventually leave the corporate world for the academic one. It’s what I always thought I’d do and now it’s time to do it.


  • Converting my rarely used formal dining room into a real studio so that when we do want to dine formally (like twice a year) I don’t have to temporarily shut down projects, cap off paint tubes, file away scribbles. I can just leave everything out while we eat on folding tables in the living room.

In regards to your piece, what kind of questions were you asked by people? How did your friends respond?

I was surprised how many women (and men!) commented in the lobby after the show that they’d had a similar experience to mine. Many people asked me if my story was true – including some friends. A few women genuinely thanked me for having shared my good fortune with women who couldn’t do what I could. I didn’t expect that. It was really cool to make those connections.

A Great Review

Here is an email that a former performer sent to me, the email was sent to her. A great review!
Just wanted to write to tell you that we went to see Expressing Motherhood in Chicago this past weekend and it was incredible! Absolutely beyond amazing, inspiring, raw, heartfelt and moving. I only wish it was here longer, I would have gone back with Tommy! I am so glad my friends and I had the chance to share in such a special experience so thank you for turning us on to it!


Celebrating Our 6th Season

Expressing Motherhood is entering our 6th season.

Thank you very much to all of you who have submitted, been in our show, helped at the shows and attended our shows. To our family members who work the box office, husbands that bartend, neighbors who design, mother in laws who know every name of every performer and grandmas and nannies that watch the kids while we are at the show, thank you.

I hope to celebrate many more seasons with you.