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2016 Shows & Submissions

Expressing Motherhood is entering its 9th year of shows.


Submissions will be accepted for Santa Barbara and Santa Monica in January. Please see submissions for details.

Santa Barbara Local Producer Jacqui.
Santa Barbara Local Producer Jacqui.

The upcoming South Bay show, which will also take place in January, is already half way SOLD OUT.


Tickets for the February Silver Lake show are now on sale.


A big thank you to all who have supported Expressing Motherhood for 8 years nows. Exciting things are in the works which will be announced soon.

If you are interested in being a Local Producer and bringing Expressing Motherhood to your city please reach out to me at lindsay(at)expressing motherhood.com

This fall my husband and I lost our beloved friend Marcel Langenegger. He was a former neighbor. Our kids played together as he hand wrote the Expressing Motherhood logo that we have used for years. His widow, my dear friend, Nete Oernsholt, has done most of our graphics for years. I would have her daughter over in exchange for her work.

Marcel directing Roger Federer this Summer.
Marcel directing Roger Federer this Summer.

I’m honored that some of his creativity and passion went into Expressing Motherhood. He was an acclaimed international director and yet one sunny afternoon in the Hollywood Hills, he wrote our logo, with his shirt off I must add. He and his wife and our children played together at the time.

Creative collaboration is the heart and soul of Expressing Motherhood.  I’m forever grateful to have known him.

A photo I took at his memorial.
A photo I took at his memorial.

Thank you,

Lindsay Kavet


Expressing Motherhood is Heading to The South Bay

Expressing Motherhood is headed to the South Bay for the very first time in January of 2016!

Submissions will be accepted November 2nd. Please send your submissions to thesouthbay(at)expressing motherhood.com.

There will be two shows held on January 23rd and 24th at 7:30PM and the rehearsals will be held on January 21st and 22nd, from 4PM – 8PM..

Brandy Johnston will be the Local Producer. Brandy emailed me about bringing the show to her area and it’s been wonderful working with her. She’s found a great space at the The Women’s Club of Redondo Beach, 400 South Broadway.


Brandy W. Johnston is the CEO of House Of Johnston.  As CEO for the past 6 years, she has created an impressive portfolio as chef, educator, chauffer, housekeeper, costume designer, co-disciplinarian, personal shopper, hair stylist, events coordinator, life mentor, lullaby expert and occasional trash-taker-outer. Johnston also works as a philanthropist with countless non-profit organizations by volunteering as a Girl Scout leader, room parent, PTA volunteer, nutrition docent and stage mom.  She works tirelessly, with help from her CFO, Jason Johnston, to bring out the humor and fun in this fast paced and sometimes stressful industry.  She boasts that this will be the most important job of her entire career and when her tenure is complete, she hopes to deliver to society a responsible, compassionate and driven young adult named, Hailey.

Prior to her CEO position, she was a supervising producer and producer in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA.  Most recently, she worked for Buster creating and developing promos, commercials, network rebrands and motion graphics for television.  She produced / co-produced 7 feature length, micro-budget films during her time as a freelance producer.  Johnston got her career start as a project manager for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA.

Brandy has been a fan of Expressing Motherhood for years and she is excited to add producer and co-director of Expressing Motherhood – South Bay to her portfolio.

Meet the Fall LA Cast(s)

ExMo3 jpg


Meet the casts:

October/ Silver Lake, CA: October 3&4 at 7:30PM


Olivia Perez-Armendariz

Kim Tracy Prince

Megan Dolon

Amy Chesler

Adriann Cocker

Larry Dean Harris

Nora Plesent

Suzanne Weerts

Diane Pershing

Loretta Fox

Jacquelyn De Longe

Meet the November/ Silver LakeCast: November 7th @7:30PM

Mommy Tonk

Amy Loftus

Elizabeth Aquino

Michele Wallace

Jennifer Seifert

Jillian Lauren

Sheila James

Laura Diamond

Stephanie Abraham

Susanna Morgan

Vicki Juditz



Submissions Will Be Accepted Monday February 16th

Submissions for the next Expressing Motherhood will be accepted soon, Monday February 16th.


I am looking for pieces about motherhood, when read aloud, that are 5 minutes long.

The show will be one night only downtown at The Downtown Independent.


Looking forward to your submission.

Also, between now and February 28th if you tag a photo with #expressingmotherhood you’ll enter yourself into a pot of possibly winning 3 dozen cupcakes from Serendipity Cupcakes and an ExMo t-shirt.

Owner Kristy, one of her cupcakes and one funny urban cowboy known as Jack Black.

Kristy Woelfel, owner of Serendipty Cupcakes, delivered cupcakes to the wonderful pediatric unit at Hungtington Hospital who recently took care of my son. She was so kind and loves what she does so I talked to her about doing a giveaway. She was up for it.

I am contributing over at Mom.Me and my new piece is up on, wait for it, my hair.


It sounds ridiculous, it is. Read it if you want to ignore the world’s problems for a few minutes.

Opening Night of Expressing Motherhood is Sold Out

Opening Night of “Expressing Motherhood” is sold out.

ExMo Brunch 2013

It’s no wonder with all of our wonderful sponsors and complimentary glass of wine for Ladies Night.

Saturday is nearly sold out.

Sunday, May 12th, Mother’s Day will have our first ever Q&A with the moms after they perform, plus we are being catered by Daphne’s. That means everyone who comes gets a free dinner from them.

Ladies Night & The Time Beth Littleford Went on a Liquor Run For Us

Our opening night will be a Ladies Night. And no we don’t discriminate so men are allowed as always, it’s Hollywood baby, anything goes.


It does mean that for $25 you will receive a complimentary glass of wine and you will go home with a goody bag. As those of you know we often come up with fabulous raffle prizes as well. Just know we will treat you right!

Opening night is Friday May 10th and we’ve already sold quite a few tickets for that evening. Showtime is at 8PM.

We will have a lot of wine as we will not make performer Beth Littleford go on a liquor run for us during the show.


Which she has done before. Beth took off for Trader Joe’s on Santa Monica Blvd. and bought a bunch of wine, when she performed for us a few years back. She made it back in time to close out the show. Yes, Ms. Littleford is one cool lady indeed.

You can buy your ticket here.


Thoughts on the show from our performers

Being a part of Expressing Motherhood guarantees ones thing.

You’ll be tired by the end of it.

What we hope it brings of course is a sense of some fulfillment and a feeling that you have put yourself outside of your comfort zone and liked it.

You can read how performer Shannon Noel Webb feels here.

Or read about performer Elizabeth Aquino’s thoughts here.

Krista Knott also weighs in over here.

As for myself.

I always am so relieved when the show comes around. Finally, people sharing things that are rarely, if ever expressed out loud. It feels as if it’s a very brief moment where a collective sigh is heard and felt. Ah. I’m not crazy.

Or rather, I’m not the only one who feels crazy.

Thank you for being a part of this show.

I told my husband the other night, I feel as if I have fulfilled my little girl dreams.

I’m satisfied by what the show brings. There is a struggle with wanting to be with the show more and more but when my two little ones called out mom and sat on either hip this morning I felt lucky to be able to spend the day with them. I’ve had two weeks to “play.”

The show has become a channel for my worries, loneliness, anxiety and hope.

I’m glad I can focus on my kids now as their screaming tells me I have not been.

But I already am thinking of the next show in giddy anticipation.

When the S#$* Hits the Fan

A post by Co-Creator/Director Lindsay Kavet.

This show has been built on the theme, you never know when life is going to happen so let’s get our ducks in order way in advance so when poop hits the fan we can clean it up without stressing over the show.

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