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Portland Tickets and Cast

Tickets for our first ever Portland show are now on sale, buy tickets here.

Grab your friends for a great mom’s night out.  Come hear this all female cast share their stories about motherhood on stage, one night only at the beautiful Alberta Rose Theatre.

I’ll be flying up to Portland from LA to direct the show and I’ll be packing Mommy Tonk in my suitcase.

Tickets are $25, October 17th at 7PM.

Meet the cast:

Peggy Mannix Slattery

Jenny Conlie

Jessica Patay

Mommy Tonk

Danielle Nichols

Kari Newhouse

Pamela Fiehn

Julie Glasser

Jessica Swanson

Mary MacDonald

Emily Corak

Expressing Motherhood Santa Monica, October 23rd, Santa Monica:Meet The Cast

Tickets are NOW ON SALE for our October 23rd 7PM show in Santa Monica at the Moss Theatre.


Tickets are $25.  The beautiful theatre holds 350 seats, all of which were sold this past May. Don’t delay in getting your tickets. Come early and have a drink, beginning at 6PM, doors to the house open at 6:30 and the show begins promptly at 7PM.

Buy your ticket here.

Meet the Cast:

Mommy Tonk

Jeri Okamoto Tanaka

Betty Goldstein

Emily DeRenzis

Megan Dolan

Kerry Nadal

Mara Marks

Julee Loorya

Dawn Kallevig

Malena Hougen

Brandy Johnston

Abby Kohl

Babble and Expressing Motherhood


Babble will be live streaming the November 7th Expressing Motherhood show coming up in Silver Lake.

It’s a good thing too because the show is SOLD OUT.

So for those of you in different cities and states you can watch along with us!

This is the first time the show will be live-streamed and we are excited to pair up with Babble on this.

The show will start at 7:30PM PST and will remain up on Periscope for 24 hours.

You can watch the show via Babble’s Periscope channel here.

Submissions for Des Moines, The South Bay & Santa Monica

Submissions are currently being accepted for the first ever Des Moines Show.


Submissions for the first ever South Bay show will be accepted November 2nd.


Happy to announce we will be doing a Mother’s Day show at the beautiful Moss Theatre in Santa Monica on May 3rd.



Submissions for that show will be accepted between January 5 – 11. Information can be found here.


San Francisco, Sioux Falls & Chicago Get Your Tickets

We just wrapped up a sold out weekend here in Los Angeles.


I’ll be headed up to San Francisco next week for the first ever Expressing Motherhood in San Fran. Use the code Bogoexmoshow to get 2 tickets for the price of 1. Get your tickets here.

Next week Expressing Motherhood will also be debuting in Sioux Falls for the first time ever. Headed up by Local Producer Megan Pederson. Get your tickets here.

Lastly, we will be back in Chicago in the beginning of November. Get your tickets here.

Don’t miss out on a truly wonderful night out. Take time to hang with your mom friends and turn your phones off for a couple of hours.

Submissions for the first Des Moines, Iowa and South Bay, CA shows are coming up as well.

Silver Lake Shows This Weekend

We just wrapped up our rehearsal for the Silver Lake show.


Get ready.

September has been so hot here in LA. A lot of us our drained and the stories are edgy and full of emotion.


The house will open at 7PM. Showtimes are 7:30PM for both nights.

Valet parking is available directly underneath the theatre for $6 at the Barabella restaurant. You can eat there too.

Of course we will be selling wine and water at the show.

You exit the restaurant, head South and take a right up a very steep street. Look for the Spirit Studio signs. Enter the theatre through the parking lot.

See you at the theatre darling.

The new tote!
The new tote!

Expressing Motherhood’s 8th Season

This is Expressing Motherhood’ 8th season.

Our first program. I used a photo I had taken of my belly while 9 months pregnant during the hottest summer on record in Los Angeles, with a 60 pound weight gain to boot.
Our first program. I used a photo I had taken of my belly while 9 months pregnant during the hottest summer on record in Los Angeles, with a 60 pound weight gain to boot.

In looking back over some photos during the first show back in June 2008 it’s clear to see that, we’ve aged.


Kidding aside, it’s also clear to see that we’ve been busy.

Me and my oldest, when it was just him.
Me and my oldest, when it was just him.

I only had one child when the show debuted. Jessica had two already. Our good friend Polly died the month before we debuted ExMo and the show could not have been a bigger gift as I threw myself into, literally as a means to channel my grief.

Jessica actually had to miss our first show as she contacted Meningitis! We kept thinking I had caused her to have a mental break down. Fortunately that was not the case.

Jessica being the superwoman she is made our programs from her hospital bed.

Rebecca Woolf was an original cast member.
Terry! The first person ever cast in the show. I was scouting for a theatre and Terry was so effusive about my idea he said I have to be in it. I agreed, you do and so he was. I called up Jess and said, “I’ve cast our first person and he’s a man.”

As we say though, the show must go on.

Original cast member Rebecca Woolf.
Original cast member Rebecca Woolf.

Within a year it was selling out and we took it, both pregnant this time to NYC turning our idea over the phone into a national play that was actually connecting with people.

Jessica and I being filmed for an LA news station.
Jessica and I being filmed for an LA news station.

I adore being a part of the show and look forward to announcing two new cities where it will be headed this Fall.

Get your ticket for next week’s DTLA show at 7:30PM.


Find Me On Mom.Me Now

I am excited to be writing for Mom.Me these days. I often vacillate about what I should share on this site as I like it to remain my tabula rasa to some extent.


BUT I obviously have let a lot hang out, especially if you hop on over to the video section.

At the beginning of the year I wrote about something I have never shared before and has taken me years to figure out and talk about. Getting or rather, trying to get, a family member into rehab and mental illness. You can read about it here over on Mom.Me.


I’m happy have another space to let my freak flag fly. Because in doing so the world continues to feel less freaky.


Red Shoes & Hollywood Boulevard

This morning I had the rare treat of taking a shower, blowing my hair dry, putting on makeup and a dress.


Usually it’s me getting the kids ready.

My 3 year-old asked why I was dressed that way and I gave him a kiss and took off to meet Christina and Jessica on top of Mulholland Drive. We are all LA moms.

Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.
Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.

I got there first and was so happy to see that is was a beautiful LA day.  Crystal clear, albeit a bit windy. I walked to the top of the overlook averted the broken glass and condom wrapping and snapped a photo of a visiting French couple.

Christina pulled up with her sweet little boy and Jessica got out carting our props and we were in full motion.

There we were three moms and one child, two minivans and a beautiful city glistening behind us. Last night I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thought here we are real moms of LA and we were so different then any portrayal I’ve yet to see on screen.

Tourists buses came by and people stared.

We just laughed and took photos, clearly comfortable and clearly having fun.

Then we headed down to Hollywood Blvd. Lugging our props, two strollers, gear and a child, giggling over whether or not it was even legal when we were doing.

“Quick, get ready then I’ll shoot,” said Christina. It was on.

Playing dress up has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Caroling neighbors and friends to participate is my second hobby. No one minded. People asked what the show was. We had a riot and Christina’s son couldn’t have called it a wrap better then by having a meltdown.


Afterwards Jessica and I went into a new store, MUJI, then we sat and had a bit to eat.

A Michael Jackson impersonator walked by, the sun beat down on us and I felt right at home and very content.

As we said our goodbyes in the parking garage, I told Jess that the last time I had someone take pictures with me on Hollywood Blvd. was with Polly almost 6 years ago to the day. As I looked at the red shoes Jess wore and was reminded that Polly too wore red shoes.

I’m filled with happiness and gratitude that as I get older I still have friends who will dress up and go make fools of ourselves all for fun. Jessica and I also talked about death briefly before we realized that would just take too long and on my way home I turned the dial and heard “Walk” by Foo Fighters and was reminded of my oldest belting out the lyrics when he was four, “I never want to die!” Much to my husbands amusement and my horror.

When Polly and I shot our pictures I remember feeling anxious afterwards because it was so good.

I used to have this tree on my front driveway in Hollywood and every January it blossomed, in fact it’s probably blossoming right now. It only bloomed for  week. If it rained or was too windy the dainty blossom would be swept right off. I would stare it all week.


Yet it tortured me. That is was so fragile and fleeting.

Ah hell, maybe I’ve had too much coffee now and my kids are certainly having a long nap.

Anyways, just a blissful morning, one I will treasure.


I live so much of my life in fear. Sometimes, it’s hard to let the good times sit and enjoy them. Today I did just that.

I look forward to the photos from Christina.