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Meet The SilverLake Cast

The Silver Lake cast has been cast.


Tickets are now on sale.

Showtimes will be:

Thursday December 4th @7:30PM

Friday December 5th @7:30PM

**Sunday December 7th @7:30PM

Thursday December 11th 7:30PM

Friday December 12th @7:30PM

**Saturday December 13th @7:30PM

(**Please note the weekends are Thursday, Friday & SUNDAY and then Thursday, Friday & SATURDAY)



You can eat and drink while watching the show. Just make sure to arrive one hour early to get your food order in.

Meet the cast:

Stacie Burrows

Loretta Fox

Vicki Juditz

Lindsay Kavet

Kristina Leach

Jacquelyn Longe

Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Tanya Mailander

Neyra Mendoza

Shannon Noel

Judy Silk

Lori Stone

Michelle Villemaire

Announcing Our Next Show

Expressing Motherhood is happy to announce our next show.

We will be in SilverLake at the Lyric-Hyperion Theatre.


The intimate theatre allows for food from their diner and wine and beer to be brought into the theatre. We will have 6 shows only, the first two weekend in December.

But first submissions.


Those open, October 1st and close October 3rd.

Showtimes will be:

Thursday December 4th @7:30PM

Friday December 5th @7:30PM

Sunday December 7th @7:30PM

Thursday December 11th 7:30PM

Friday December 12th @7:30PM

Saturday December 13th @7:30PM

Rehearsals are:

Monday December 1st 9:30-2:00PM

Tuesday December 2nd 9:20AM-2:00PM

If you can make all of those times, get to writing and submit away October 1st.

Submissions go to la@expressingmotherhood.com

Thank you!


Red Shoes & Hollywood Boulevard

This morning I had the rare treat of taking a shower, blowing my hair dry, putting on makeup and a dress.


Usually it’s me getting the kids ready.

My 3 year-old asked why I was dressed that way and I gave him a kiss and took off to meet Christina and Jessica on top of Mulholland Drive. We are all LA moms.

Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.
Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.

I got there first and was so happy to see that is was a beautiful LA day.  Crystal clear, albeit a bit windy. I walked to the top of the overlook averted the broken glass and condom wrapping and snapped a photo of a visiting French couple.

Christina pulled up with her sweet little boy and Jessica got out carting our props and we were in full motion.

There we were three moms and one child, two minivans and a beautiful city glistening behind us. Last night I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thought here we are real moms of LA and we were so different then any portrayal I’ve yet to see on screen.

Tourists buses came by and people stared.

We just laughed and took photos, clearly comfortable and clearly having fun.

Then we headed down to Hollywood Blvd. Lugging our props, two strollers, gear and a child, giggling over whether or not it was even legal when we were doing.

“Quick, get ready then I’ll shoot,” said Christina. It was on.

Playing dress up has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Caroling neighbors and friends to participate is my second hobby. No one minded. People asked what the show was. We had a riot and Christina’s son couldn’t have called it a wrap better then by having a meltdown.


Afterwards Jessica and I went into a new store, MUJI, then we sat and had a bit to eat.

A Michael Jackson impersonator walked by, the sun beat down on us and I felt right at home and very content.

As we said our goodbyes in the parking garage, I told Jess that the last time I had someone take pictures with me on Hollywood Blvd. was with Polly almost 6 years ago to the day. As I looked at the red shoes Jess wore and was reminded that Polly too wore red shoes.

I’m filled with happiness and gratitude that as I get older I still have friends who will dress up and go make fools of ourselves all for fun. Jessica and I also talked about death briefly before we realized that would just take too long and on my way home I turned the dial and heard “Walk” by Foo Fighters and was reminded of my oldest belting out the lyrics when he was four, “I never want to die!” Much to my husbands amusement and my horror.

When Polly and I shot our pictures I remember feeling anxious afterwards because it was so good.

I used to have this tree on my front driveway in Hollywood and every January it blossomed, in fact it’s probably blossoming right now. It only bloomed for  week. If it rained or was too windy the dainty blossom would be swept right off. I would stare it all week.


Yet it tortured me. That is was so fragile and fleeting.

Ah hell, maybe I’ve had too much coffee now and my kids are certainly having a long nap.

Anyways, just a blissful morning, one I will treasure.


I live so much of my life in fear. Sometimes, it’s hard to let the good times sit and enjoy them. Today I did just that.

I look forward to the photos from Christina.




Susanna Morgan’s Video

Susanna Morgan is an LA mom who was in our show, Fall of 2012.



She performed a great piece.

I asked her if she’d be interested in “re-creating” it and filming it.

She was game.

I promptly ordered a fake hair piece and a mustache.

Susanna showed up one afternoon and we made this while our kids were at school. Susanna kindly let me edit it down, so it’s not the piece in its whole. I edited it during some nap times and voila, here it is.

Thanks for being game Susanna.


Submission and Showtime Info on our next LA Show

Expressing Motherhood is grateful be entering our 7th season in 2014.

Real Stories HorizontaljPEG copy
Our fabulous artwork for our second show in Venice by Agnete Oernsholt.

Our next show will be back at the urban Lillian Theatre in Hollywood.

Showtimes will be:

February 7 @8PM ,8 @8PM and 9 @2PM AND 7PM

February 14@8PM, 15@8PM and 16@2PM AND 7PM

Rehearsals will be:
Tuesday 10-2PM at the Lillian
Wednesday 10-2PM at the Lillian
Submissions will Open:
November 10th and close November 16th

We are looking for pieces that are no longer then 6 minutes long. Comedic, dramatic, songs, intrepretive dance, etc. We are open to it all.


Please help us spread the word around town!


Thank you

Our first cast ever in 2008 in Venice.
Our first cast ever in 2008 in Venice.

Looking for Pregnant LA Moms for a Short Photo Shoot

Our new maternity shirts are arriving next week and we are looking for a few pregnant moms in Los Angeles who would be willing to come hang out at my home on Tuesday October 1st from 10-12 for a photo shoot.


We’ll also take non-preggos too!

Bring your kids, I’ll have my nanny here.

Free, brand spanking new, cute maternity shirt, coffee and food of course.

Please email us at Jessica@expressingmotherhood.com for details and to let us know if you could make it.

Many thanks!

Meet Second Time Performer, Krista Knott

Krista Knott
Krista Knott

Southern California native, Krista Knott is putting her feet on the Expressing Motherhood stage for the second time in our next show, opening May 10th. Krista had heard about the show originally through a friend and decided to submit when the next round opened. She performed in Burbank, having only to walk down the street from her house to the theatre.

She is a free lance writer who works from home and says she is up late most nights. Her “day job” is mom. Her “paying job” is as the Managing Editor for The Bright Side Project, although if she could stay home and eat bon bons and watch soaps, it would actually be “a marathon of The Walking Dead and a bucket of high quality chocolate bars.”

When I asked her about her first time on the EM stage, she said “the first time I performed was a bit of a game changer for me. I spent years as a struggling actress/unpublished writer and to take these two aspects of myself (coupled with the inextricable role of mother) and mash them together helped me work from feeling like I somehow failed in my past life since I didn’t “accomplish” anything before having kids to reconciling that I am exactly where I need to be. And that I am worthy.”

Krista, Bryan, Finn & Dash
Krista, Bryan, Finn & Dash

Krista and her fiance Bryan have been together since 2006 and have two children, Finn (5) and Dash (1 1/2). She also has a 13 year old step-son who lives out of state but spends the summers with them here in SoCal. “His sister has full blown hero worship and his visits here even trump the excitement of Disneyland.”

Krista and Bryan have been engaged since 2010 and are pleased to announce they will be getting married on May 20th….the day after Expressing Motherhood closes in Los Angeles!

“We finally realized that, with two kids, we were never going to be able justify spending money on a wedding so we are taking our parents and heading to the courthouse on our 7 year anniversary. Our five year old daughter is, by far, the most excited about this. She is obsessed with brides and grooms and can’t wait to wear her own fancy dress.”

Krista says she walked away from her first performance in EM with confidence, friendship, camaraderie and validation. “I realized it was much easier to perform as an actress because I wasn’t having to completely be myself, you know? To stand up on a stage and tell my own stories, in my own words, was absolutely terrifying. And honestly the most liberating experience I’ve ever had.”

Handmade with Love
Handmade with Love

We’re so happy Krista is going to be back on stage at The Lillian in May.

She says “this time is a little scary for me because I’m sharing something personal, something with weight. And that’s exactly why I am doing it. I believe in sharing our scary truths. I’m just a little shaky about doing it while standing in front of a group of people and not from behind the safety of a keyboard…

…I’m looking forward to looking my fear in the eye and doing it anyway.”

The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast
The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast