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Our First “Talk Back”

Expressing Motherhood will host it’s first ever “Talk Back” after our Mother’s Day performance.

Right after the show we will invite members of the audience to ask our cast questions.

Feel free to stay and find out more about the moms who have just bared their soul to you.   Most of the cast met yesterday for a lovely brunch and here is a photo of them. Get your ticket now!

ExMo Brunch 2013

Meet Second Time Performer, Krista Knott

Krista Knott
Krista Knott

Southern California native, Krista Knott is putting her feet on the Expressing Motherhood stage for the second time in our next show, opening May 10th. Krista had heard about the show originally through a friend and decided to submit when the next round opened. She performed in Burbank, having only to walk down the street from her house to the theatre.

She is a free lance writer who works from home and says she is up late most nights. Her “day job” is mom. Her “paying job” is as the Managing Editor for The Bright Side Project, although if she could stay home and eat bon bons and watch soaps, it would actually be “a marathon of The Walking Dead and a bucket of high quality chocolate bars.”

When I asked her about her first time on the EM stage, she said “the first time I performed was a bit of a game changer for me. I spent years as a struggling actress/unpublished writer and to take these two aspects of myself (coupled with the inextricable role of mother) and mash them together helped me work from feeling like I somehow failed in my past life since I didn’t “accomplish” anything before having kids to reconciling that I am exactly where I need to be. And that I am worthy.”

Krista, Bryan, Finn & Dash
Krista, Bryan, Finn & Dash

Krista and her fiance Bryan have been together since 2006 and have two children, Finn (5) and Dash (1 1/2). She also has a 13 year old step-son who lives out of state but spends the summers with them here in SoCal. “His sister has full blown hero worship and his visits here even trump the excitement of Disneyland.”

Krista and Bryan have been engaged since 2010 and are pleased to announce they will be getting married on May 20th….the day after Expressing Motherhood closes in Los Angeles!

“We finally realized that, with two kids, we were never going to be able justify spending money on a wedding so we are taking our parents and heading to the courthouse on our 7 year anniversary. Our five year old daughter is, by far, the most excited about this. She is obsessed with brides and grooms and can’t wait to wear her own fancy dress.”

Krista says she walked away from her first performance in EM with confidence, friendship, camaraderie and validation. “I realized it was much easier to perform as an actress because I wasn’t having to completely be myself, you know? To stand up on a stage and tell my own stories, in my own words, was absolutely terrifying. And honestly the most liberating experience I’ve ever had.”

Handmade with Love
Handmade with Love

We’re so happy Krista is going to be back on stage at The Lillian in May.

She says “this time is a little scary for me because I’m sharing something personal, something with weight. And that’s exactly why I am doing it. I believe in sharing our scary truths. I’m just a little shaky about doing it while standing in front of a group of people and not from behind the safety of a keyboard…

…I’m looking forward to looking my fear in the eye and doing it anyway.”

The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast
The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast

Our Show Has Been Cast; Tickets Now On Sale


The Lillian Theatre:1076 Lillian Way, Hollywood, 90038

Performances: May 10th @ 8PM, 11th @8PM &12th @ 7:00PM.
May 17th@ 8PM, 18th @ 8PM & 19th  7:00PM.

 We are opening on May 10th at 8PM with a special Ladies Night Out. For $25 you will receive a free glass of wine and everyone will be going home with a goody bag. Grab a friend and get your Mother’s Day weekend started off right.

Expressing Motherhood is pleased to introduce our cast for our Mother’s Day Run:

Joya Weinroth

 Bethany Winters

 Elizabeth Jayne Liu

 Beth Littleford

 Gayle Kolodny Cole

 Shannon Noel Webb

 Stacie Burrows

 Nora E. Plesent

Lisa Natale

 Krista Knott

 Abby Kohl

 Shannon Bradley-Colleary

 Laura Diamond

 We are opening on May 10th at 8PM with a special Ladies Night Out. For $25 you will receive a free glass of wine and everyone will be going home with a goody bag. Grab a friend and get your Mother’s Day weekend started off right.




A great present for you and a friend.


**The discount will be in effect until February 6th.


Expressing Motherhood……The Reviews Are In!

Posted by  Co-creator, Jessica Cribbs

Well, another run is over.

But not without AMAZING things being said about it!

Our Fall 2012 Cast

“One of the most entertaining poinegnt evenings I’ve had in a long time. The stories made me feel like I’m not alone in my odd world of motherhood.”
– Nicole Sullivan, MADTv, Cougar Town

“I saw this production last night. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me want to share my story too. Thanks, ladies. You are beautiful women and moms.”
– Louise Post, Audience Member

“I LOVED IT. It felt like a delicious gift. Best evening in ages.”
– Gayle Cole, Audience Member

”Please don’t ever stop doing this. I always take away so much from your show. Thank you for putting so much time in to it!”
– Jennifer Lindman Lovold, Audience Member

“I loved this show. I laughed out loud. I openly cried… The women reminded me of everything that I had feared about becoming a mother….I felt it. The camaraderie of motherhood. The camaraderie of women.”
-Tommie Vaughn, TheWallsOfTom.com

Great job ladies. I’m sad to see this run end, but completely satisfied in the content shared and the bonds created. Bravo!

Thoughts on the show from our performers

Being a part of Expressing Motherhood guarantees ones thing.

You’ll be tired by the end of it.

What we hope it brings of course is a sense of some fulfillment and a feeling that you have put yourself outside of your comfort zone and liked it.

You can read how performer Shannon Noel Webb feels here.

Or read about performer Elizabeth Aquino’s thoughts here.

Krista Knott also weighs in over here.

As for myself.

I always am so relieved when the show comes around. Finally, people sharing things that are rarely, if ever expressed out loud. It feels as if it’s a very brief moment where a collective sigh is heard and felt. Ah. I’m not crazy.

Or rather, I’m not the only one who feels crazy.

Thank you for being a part of this show.

I told my husband the other night, I feel as if I have fulfilled my little girl dreams.

I’m satisfied by what the show brings. There is a struggle with wanting to be with the show more and more but when my two little ones called out mom and sat on either hip this morning I felt lucky to be able to spend the day with them. I’ve had two weeks to “play.”

The show has become a channel for my worries, loneliness, anxiety and hope.

I’m glad I can focus on my kids now as their screaming tells me I have not been.

But I already am thinking of the next show in giddy anticipation.

Last Night

Last night the women performed in front of a full house. Normally there is a fair amount of whispering backstage.

But not last night. We listened to the audience reacting. It was powerful and wonderful.

A woman talked to me after the show saying how much she enjoyed it. She said she heard about it via her daugther who follows performer Krista Knott’s blog.

Krista Knott

I went to Krista’s blog this morning and read this piece she wrote about her own fears and doing the show.

We have two shows left today, a 2:30 matinee and a 7:00 evening show.



Expressing Motherhood’s Opening Weekend Re-Cap

What a fun weekend. Yes, it was a hot LA weekend but if you made it to our show then you know you had the hottest ticket in town.

Dressed up in our Unique Vintage dresses!

Friday opened our show up with a bang. Jessica and myself dawned our gorgeous dresses from Unique Vintage. We had our hair and makeup done and had some photos taken in front of our new Marquee. I must say I felt like a lucky woman. Playing dress up with my friend on the streets of LA, my 6 year-old self was beaming.

Laughing nervously as Friday traffic rolled slowly by. Have to love LA where people don’t even blink an eye when you look like this.

Ladies Night Out Burbank was a lot of fun. The street was packed with people and food trucks.

Bad Ass Burgers

The ladies performed to a sold out audience.

On Saturday a couple was eating at Urban Eats, directly across the theatre, and they said

“Everyone in the restaurant was coming to see this show, so we thought we would miss out if we didn’t come see it too.”

My amazing mother in law flew in from Boston to help run the ticketing booth.

All of the brave local LA moms shared their stories on stage.

By Sunday night we were easily collapsing into laughter as it was a “bit” warm backstage, 100 in the Valley baby. The cast had fallen into a rhythm.

We look forward to one more weekend. As one cast member said as she left last night, “I’m sad only one more weekend and a regular work week.” I know I said. The show runs are short, all the moms are far too busy to keep this pace up, but it sure is a wonderful point of creative refuge.

Hope to see you at the theatre. A big thank you to all of our sponsors this weekend. Love Nana Jams, Unique Vintage, Baby DeeDee, The Rose Run and Gutzy Gear.

Expressing Motherhood’s Opening Night is Next Week

Know any of these Los Angeles Moms?

Elizabeth Aquino

Jacquelyn De Longe

JJ Keith

Krista Knott

Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Susanna Morgan

Nancy Murphy

Shannon Noel

Malena Hougen Patel

Kelly Radican

Susan Sheu

Anna Bocci West

You will get to know them if you come see them perform on stage next week.

Tickets still available.

Krista Knott

Krista Knott lives in Los Angeles with her better half, their two small children, and one orange cat. Currently, she works as the Managing Editor ofThe Bright Side Project and she keeps a personal blog called my life as i see it where she blatantly ignores capital letters, grammar, and proper punctuation. (Yes, she is a mom who blogs. I know.) She realizes as she gets older that she is becoming her mother and it makes her happy. Krista will be performing in our upcoming Expressing Motherhood show here in LA next month.
since i was a small child, i have had a recurring dream. i am underwater in the ocean, in about three to four feet of water. i sense the waves coming and i lay my stomach against the sand with my arms and legs stretched out. as the currents come in, i dig my hands into the sand and hold on as the water moves across my back and massages my hair. sometimes, if i concentrate hard enough, i can breathe underwater by carefully inhaling only the oxygen molecules through my pursed lips. (do not attempt this in real life. i’m no scientist, but i’m pretty sure you’ll choke.) as i got older, i came to the understanding that this dream is a metaphor for my connection with my creative subconscious. (thank you, tattered copy of dream analysis from 1975!) and that my ability to stay underwater, breathing, exists in direct correlation to how much i nurtur her, my creativity.

i have always been a writer. my first journal, at age six, was filled with some amazing creative spelling and the beginnings of numerous short stories that always had something to do with a dog saving a baby. curious, considering i never owned a dog, but there it is. at one time, i also used to fancy myself an actress. sort of took it for granted that it would happen at some point, that i would “make it.” even redefined my definition of “make it” to mean “get paid to work. even if no one knows my name.” i spent two nights a week at acting class because that was where i felt the most free. because it was where i actually did the work of acting. it was my gym. and i loved working out.

my first feature audition landed me one small role in an independent film (pre-babies) and i was Taft-Hartley’d and became SAG-eligible. i tasted success in the back of my throat and my feet felt like down pillows. i hated myself in the film and think it is some of my weakest work but i’m sure that’s somehow related to the self-deprecating narcissism of every artist and is quite annoying to hear. ironically, what i feel was my worst work was also the peak of my career.
when my daughter was six months old, i brought her with me to an audition. sat in a room full of other people looking at me with disdain and feigned optimism that perhaps they were inspired by my refusal to lay down my dream just because i had a child. i felt buoyed with hope and fierce with maternal pride and ambition. it didn’t last long. truth was, i was sweating in the summer heat with my extra 40 lbs of baby weight and clothes that didn’t quite fit and the audition was a non-speaking role in a pizza commercial. living the dream!
once home, i emailed my manager and agent and let them go.
i still write. i will always write. i look at my children and i feel like slaying dragons and curling up into a fetal position. i want to write letters to strangers and cut my arms open and let the letters bleed themselves all over blank pages and i think that maybe painters have a better understanding of love, all that blending and mixing of colors and textures. i have come to the conclusion that the only way i can be a good mother and partner is to allow myself the freedom to be creative, to actually pursure creativity. that i am a writer and that i am less of a person if my only creative outlet is cutting food into shapes for lunch. that i owe it to my family to be the fullest version of myself. that it is my duty to grab handfuls of sand, lay my body out flat, and breathe.