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Submissions & Diving Into My Creative Cocoon

Submissions are open and I listened to KCRW this AM, a little Jason Bentley to get your day started never hurts anyone.

Jason Bentley
Jason Bentley

I felt that trickle of thrill I get when I begin to dive into reading the submissions and patching the show together.

Heard this song by Andrew Bird called “Pulaski at Night” as I left the grocery store in my minivan and really enjoyed it.

Thought I would share.

Submissions Open On Monday For Chicago

My boys and I were in the car last week and KCRW had a terrific set on. Including this piece by Little Jeans called “Oh Sailor.” My 3 year-old blurted out I love this song!

We had never heard it.

If you are vacillating as to whether or not you should submit. I would like to try and encourage you to.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

It’s not to late to write. Do it now, get off of Facebook and write. Grab a glass of wine, dig deep, go.

I look forward to reading your pieces come this Monday. Here is some music to inspire you.


“Late Night” by Foals

Today after trying to get ready with two little ones clinging to my skirt in the closet I left them with an unfamiliar babysitter feeling guilty.

Only I was leaving to go see my son’s first piano recital. I was feeling guilty knowing I’d feel bad if I didn’t go.

Basically, I was surrounding myself in guilt.

I turned on KCRW and heard this song, “Late Night” by Foals and I just kept turning it up louder and louder. Smiling at the irony but also really enjoying the song.


Late Night by Foals

Oh, I hoped that you were somebody,
someone I could count
to pull me to my feet again,
when I was in doubt.

Oh now Mama, do you hear me
calling out your name?
Oh now Mama, do you hear me
calling out your name?

Calling out your name?

Now I’m the last cowboy in this town.
Empty veins and my plastic, broken crown.

They said I swam the sea then ran aground.
They said I once was lost, but now I’m truly found.

And I know the place but not the wave.
I feel, I feel no shame.
Oh now Mama, do you hear my fear?
It’s coming after me!

Calling out your name!
Calling out your name!

Stay with me.
Stay with me.

Then you threw your heart away.
Oh I know just what to say.
Through the phone cord; it can wait.
We’ve still got time to say.

And I know you ran away.
Oh I know but I’m feeling okay.
But now I found love and the feeling wont go.
Now I found love but the feeling wont go!
See you walk away!
Feeling okay, now!
Happy now?

Stay with me!
Stay with me!
Stay with me!
Stay with me!



My Families Weekend Soundtrack

Anne Litt’s show on KCRW  been the soundtrack for my families weekends for a long time now.


Her show always helps soothes me right when I need it. Around 2PM on a Saturday when my husband I are wondering what to do with the kids the rest of the day.  The music seems to mellow us out and also it really sings to my creative soul.

Today Anne’s show was fabulous.

I had my two little ones in the minivan and she played a song by Rilo Kiley called “Let Me Back In.” It is a love song, Los Angeles.


Rilo Kiley – Let Me Back In Lyrics

Let it be printed, let it be known
I’m leaving you, I’m going home
And all you can do is just watch me go
I’ve put you down, talked you up
Defended your honor
and then packed in and picked it up
When all you can do is just watch me go
From the Eastern seaboard,
The land-locks Mid-west
The keys, the Alps, the Blackhills and Budapest
With my heart in a sling tail,
Between my legs are swinging
I’m sorry for leaving

But when The palm trees bow their heads
No matter how wrong I’ve been
LA, you always let me back in

And you can bury me
When my body breaks
In the earth that created me in the Golden state
By my momma and her brother, and her momma too
Cause I had a dream I was carried on backs of a thousand green birds
And they carried me to a place without words
And there was nothing, but there was everything
And it sounded like this

But when The palm trees bow their heads
No matter how cruel I’ve been
LA, you always let me back in
And when the ṗalm trees bow their heads
No matter how cruel I’ve been
LA, you always let me back in, in
Oh back in, in, oh back in, in,

[Lyrics to Let Me Back In by Rilo Kiley]

First seen on LyricsPremiere.com

You can listen to it here.

It was a love song that LA deserves. We get picked on just a little. But that’s OK most people I know here don’t take themselves too seriously.  Such a transient place and yet I’m staying here, feet firmly in this very clay like soil and digging my roots.

Loved your show today Anne!

Come to My Door by Jose James sooooo good.

I parked my minivan in the driveway, opened the doors and the kids and this was the last song I was able to catch. Perfect Saturday afternoon.

Medo de Amar by Heidi Vogel.




Musical Inspiration

I get a lot of musical inspiration from KCRW.

Namely, Anne Litt.

Heard a great song the other day titled “Nothing is Wrong” by Mika Ben-Yami.

At first I thought of it in the context of saying it to your child every day, thinking she was a mom saying it to her child.

“Don’t you cry, don’t be shy, stand up straight, here it comes

Say goodbye, don’t you cry, hold yourself, don’t forget – 

You are strong, move along”

Here is a link to the full lyrics.

Here is the video.