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Meet Upcoming Chicago Performer Shannon Noel

LA mom Shannon Noel is no stranger to Expressing Motherhood. We’ve been lucky enough to have had her talent as part of our show for years now. Shannon was also the friend who started the ExMo Challenge with me over wine and food in July. She’s awesome and we are delighted to have her in our Chicago show.


Mom and Boys 2013
This is me and boys – we love cowboy boots.


 Where do you live, how many kids do you have, ages?
I live in Silverlake, an awesome little neighborhood in the hills not far from downtown Los Angeles.  I have a 3 year old son named Riley and a 4 year old son named Booker.
How are you creative post children? How has it changed since pre-baby?
Pre-babies I performed sketch comedy, improv and stand up all over Los Angeles.  Most of my shows didn’t even begin until 9 or 10pm at the earliest.  And then there was a lot of hanging out afterwards until the very wee hours of the morning.  It was a lot of fun but these days if my boys are asleep (which is rare) I like to be asleep as well.  I find that writing on my own time is much more conducive to my working mom schedule.  When Stacie and I plan ourI’m Not From Here But My Kids Are shows we always consider our audience – mostly moms – and try to have them out the door no later than 10!
family shot 2012
This is my gang! This picture makes me so happy. We have a lot of fun.
When do you find time to create?
My commute to work is an hour each way.  I do a lot of creating while on this drive.  You can see me pulled over to the side with my notebook and pen on any given morning.  If by some miracle my boys go to sleep before 9pm, I try to write until I just can’t keep my eyes open anymore.
A recent photo of Shannon with her friend Amy Levinson. Both have done and/or are doing the ExMoChallenge.
How did you hear about ExMo?
 I got an e-mail from a former writing teacher, Amy Friedman.  She had heard about the show and knew that I was focusing my efforts on “writing what you know” ie; breast pumps and pacis – so thought it would be a good fit for me.  She was right!  It has been a life changer for me.  I really want to thank her for that first e-mail!
Do you have a background in acting/writing? 
Yes.  I have been performing and writing in some capacity since I was 8 years old, when I played the role of Hildegard Hamcocker, a toothless, singing, town flirt in the school play.  When I heard my brother, who never laughs at anything, laugh at something I said on stage, I was hooked.  I love the theater.  Honestly, I cannot imagine my life without it.  I’m still singing but luckily I still have my teeth.
What creative projects are you up to? 
I’m doing a lot of work on my blog, www.lullabiesformommy.com.  I really love this outlet and want to get more active on my site.  I’ve been doing it for 4 years but am still very much a beginning blogger.  Stacie Burrows and I are having a blast writing songs for our next I’m Not From Here installment.  We have so much fun creating together it’s ridiculous.  She really is my comedy soul mate and I cannot imagine my life without her.  She also has (energetic) 2 boys and is my mommy mentor!  We are both Southern too and we like our cowboy boots and mason jars – I’m will be forever grateful to ExMo for introducing me to one of my best friends.  I also love to create and write with Lindsay for her Fix the Toaster Blog.  Her passion for road safety is contagious and I am so happy to be a part of her movement.  I’m a contributor on Felicity Huffman’s WhattheFlicka.com as well. My goal for this next year is to write more!  
Billy Crystal and Shannon
This is a benefit of my day job at the Geffen Playhouse. Who doesn’t love this guy?
Boys Eating!
My boys and Stacie’s boys enjoying a feast during a camping trip we took together last summer!
These are my superheroes!
Jon Stewart and Me2(1)
Another benefit of my day job. I was the assistant to the Producer of this Oscar show. He’s one of my faves!  Super fun!

ExMo Challenge: 30 Day Goal Obtained, Now What?

A post by Co-creator/Director/Producer Lindsay Kavet.

A little over a month ago ExMo performer Shannon Noel and I decided, over wine and good, to put it out there that we were going to stop drinking for 3o days, among other goals.

We called it the ExMoChallenge.

I hit 30 days, 2 days ago.

I found the experience really pretty damn enjoyable.

I have been experiencing a year of a lot of anger this last year.

We all have our stuff we go through and for some reason I’d been sailing through it and perhaps it was because I had two babies back to back I just skated over it. But once I stopped moving my anger has taken ahold of me.

I have progressively been drinking a little too much and exercising not enough. Feeling guilty leaving the kids to go exercise, even though I do leave them at times of course, but I just took on too much this last year, combined with some major life changes and I call it my year of rage.

Leaving me in not the best state to be a mother.

So I was happy to have talented, humble and positive Shannon say, let’s do it.


I have found that I really enjoy getting really sweaty on a stationery bike, set to loud music, with a disco ball at 8AM.

I am the least flexible person in yoga class but I like the mellow vibe it gives me.

I’ve discovered I can have great nights out with friends while drinking coffee and not alcohol.


And I’ve discovered I still haven’t figured out exactly what is eating at my heart but I’m working on it.

My #exmochallenge will continue because I have been feeling better and I want to continue that.

Even if whatever is at the bottom of this scares me, I need to keep figuring out what makes me happy.

Me and my little guy taking an afternoon nap.

I will admit to have a glass of wine tonight.  But I want to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I felt better. I have only lost 2 measly pounds but my clothes fit me drastically differently and I’m not bloated anymore.
For me this will be ongoing.

I have incredible role models to look up to in my family. And of course I have incredible little people looking up to me.





ExMo Challenge: Week 3

Technically it’s a few days over 3 weeks but wanted to post on my 3 weeks of having made some changes.


Expressing Motherhood performer Shannon Noel and I came up with the ExMoChallenge over food and wine of course, almost a month ago.

Shannon’s been doing the Whole 30 and I’m doing this:

-No alcohol

-Exercise 5 times a week

-Less snacking after 6PM

-More protein and water

I feel so much better.

Exercising is my new vice now. I am enjoying the high that I get at my
spinning class. My kids cry when I leave to go exercise but I shake off the guilt and pound it out on a bike.

I did a 3 hour yoga workshop last Sunday. Let me repeat that, 3 hours.

My husband took care of the kids. They were fine. Again, leaving my mom guilt in the car.


It was all women and it was to celebrate the new moon and open up your heart. It chilled me out and made me think about some intentions. I’ve never been one to follow new moons or horoscopes but I love trying new things.

I’m also trying to set a new racket in my head.

Instead of being so hard on myself I’m trying to be positive so I blurted out in my head, while on a bike granted, you are f#$%ing rad Lindsay. Trying to set a new record in my head versus the old guilt and feelings of unworthiness.

I was glad the music was so loud that there was no way anyone could have heard that thought in my head. I swallowed a laugh but I know that  thinking better thoughts is a positive things. Otherwise it sounds like this, “Not good enough, dumb, not good enough, dumb, be nice! be nice!” All these yoga people keep saying, be kind to yourself, so I’m going for it.

As I sat on the floor of a bookstore this week with a fellow mom friend she admitted she was so anxious all the time about the safety of her kids. I’m finding that when I exercise I’m able to channel my fear. Albeit, it doesn’t last all day but it helps.

I love when my spin teacher plays this song.  It’s when I crush my fear.

I’m also realizing I can’t worry about every tragedy I read on the internet and that I’m better when I don’t read about everything happening everywhere. It just makes me worry. Worry, worry. Think globally act locally that’s my motto.

I’m on a tangent.

At any rate, clearly, I am benefitting from some changes.

Shannon and I are both nervous about the 30 days ending and wondering how to we not slip back into old patterns.

I dont want to cut alcohol out completely so I need to think about how much I’ll allow myself to drink. Right now I have little desire for it.

One more week to go but I think this will keep on keeping on.




ExMo Challenge Week Two

Scary good.

That’s how I’m feeling.

Scary, because after the 30 days ends I need to figure out how to not slip back into old patterns. Namely for me, the end of the day cocktail along with snacking way too much.

I’m not doing the Whole 30 like amazing mama Shannon but I have made a pact not to:

Drink alcohol

Snack past 6PM

Exercise 5 times a week

Drink a lot of water

Eat more protein

I haven’t had a sip of alcohol and oddly haven’t wanted any. Strange very very strange. I’ve even gone out on some very fun evenings with girlfriends and stuck to coffee.



Feeling initially like a buzz kill I felt like we ended up talking about even more interesting things and laughing even harder then normal. Or maybe that’s a caffeine buzz?

A really fun night at the Getty.

Whatever it is, it’s working.

For the last two years I’ve felt too guilty and tired to leave my husband home with the 3 kids in the morning. But now that the youngest is 2 it’s far easier. Today even though both of the youngest were screaming and crying for me as I left for a spin class in the early morning I tried to erase that image out of my mind and just go to class.


I’m finding exercise to be my new craving.

I am thinking about when I can do it the next day.

It’s becoming my refuge and as we all know it’s benefits of making me feel happier, sweating and slimming down are good for my whole family.

I’m not ready to give up drinking 100%. But I know if I want to continue feeling this good I need to do something…perhaps only drinking on the weekends? Social outings? TBD.

I’m so much less bloated, it feels pretty great.

I’m also reading more. So all and all pretty damn good stuff.

Except the writing of a dark book has stalled interestingly enough…hmm..cut out some wine and suddenly I’m having a massive writers block.

I’m happy that a few other moms have jumped on board and are making healthy lifestyle changes as well.

Two weeks down and two to go.

In one minor little health related issue I did start to have an SVT attack.


Ironically after making a Vitamix drink. I knew I had too much coffee that day. Anyone here have AVNRT? I’m curious to hear from anyone who does and how you are handling it. I got myself out of it very quickly which was fabulous.

At any rate all is so good, it’s scary.


Expressing Motherhood Challenge

Apparently when Shannon and I decided to challenge ourselves, over wine, we didn’t work out the details. Go figure.

She’s starting tomorrow with her 30 Day  regime.

I started making  a change yesterday. We are both giving ourselves different rules. I tend to follow more of a French standard. Except I’m taking out the alcohol for 30 days :/

Ironically enough I went to my acupuncturist today and told him what I was doing he said, “Be careful, when you set the bar too high you put pressure on yourself and feel frustrated if you fail.”

I really love that guy.

So already I’m thinking, do I need to make an amendment? Should I allow myself wine on the weekends?

But for now I’m still sticking to no wine tonight, I exercised again today and I’m already feeling a little less bloated. So there’s that.

Me doing some Lindsay Fonda in the driveway while the boys played in their cardboard boxes.

Me doing some Lindsay Fonda in the driveway while the boys played in their cardboard boxes.

Anyways, if you want to be a part of the #exmochallenge you can make it what you want. Just know you have a group of supportive moms who have got your back.

I’d also love to hear who inspires you to be fit.

Funny enough I started following a fit mom from Australia called Little Miss Muscles. When her Instagram pics pop up in my feed sometimes I feel like whoever is standing behind me in the grocer store must think I’m casually looking at porn at Trader Joes. She’s a mom who used to eat and drink a lot and has two young kids and is one fit mom. I really have enjoyed seeing the drinks she makes in her vitamix. She’s also on Facebook.

That's Little Miss Muscles.
That’s Little Miss Muscles.

So hop on board. Maybe this will continue beyond a month. Use #exmochallenge to tag yourself.