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Submissions for Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls Accepted June 1st



Expressing Motherhood will be accepting submissions for the upcoming Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls shows on June 1st.

All information is under the page Submissions but here it is as well.

To submit for Boston:

Please send your piece to local host/producer Robin Maxfield at boston(at)expressingmotherhood.com ON June 1st.

Confirm you can be at the rehearsals and showtime, this is under the page Submissions.

To submit for San Francisco:

Please send your piece to Lindsay Kavet at sanfrancisco(at)expressingmotherhood.com ON June 1st.

Confirm you can be at the rehearsal and showtime, this is under the page Submissions.

To submit for Sioux Falls:

Please send your piece to local host/producer Megan Pederson at siouxfalls(at)expressingmotherhood.com ON June 1st.

Confirm you can be at the rehearsals and showtimes, this is under the page Submissions.

Excited to read your submissions and bring the show to so many new cities.

If you are wondering what it is like to be a part of the show here is what former ExMo alum, Laura Diamond, has to say about her experience.

Expressing Motherhood Has 3 Segments Up on Its New Podcast

Over the past week I have barely put a bra on but I did launch Expressing Motherhood’s podcast  and it’s been a delight to run into my closet and talk to creative moms from all walks of life.

I’m hosting the podcast on BlogTalkRadio. You can go there and find Expressing Motherhood’s show, please subscribe!

We kicked it off with Mommy Tonk. I talked to this comedy duo while there were in their hotel room up in Santa Barbara as they have composed music for a play up there.

Listen here.


We touched on topics such as:

*Their upcoming tour

*When/How they find time to work together

*When they argue

*How they come up with their songs

Next up I had the pleasure of talking to ExMo alum Laura Diamond.

Listen here.

asynpzes shelter-us-cover-with-blurb

We talked about:

*How she published her book

*How much time she allots toward writing(the answer might surprise you)

Most recently I interviewed ExMo alum Elizabeth Aquino. She is a Los Angeles mom of 3. Listen here.


We talked about:

*Her continuing care towards her disabled 20 year-old daughter Sophie

*Being accepted into the prestigious, all women retreat up at Hedgebrook

*How her blog has been a daily exercise for her writing skills

*Some days she just wants to get off Facebook.

I have enjoyed listening to these women more then I imagined. I should say I knew I’d enjoy talking to them but I think others will enjoy listening to the podcast. At first I thought it might be old pieces read aloud but then organically it became me talking to creative moms.

I hope you will tune in and please subscribe.

If you are interested in being on the show please email me.

Watch ExMo DTLA Performers Online

Expressing Motherhood has a YouTube Channel that has some of our past performers and original videos up on it.  Please subscribe to it.

Also, please subscribe to our site as Facebook shows less and less and this way you’ll be alerted as to when submissions and shows will be. The subscribe button is to your left.

Over the past few years ExMo has been more active on Vimeo and with kids so there aren’t too many videos but please look around.

Here is Jeff Leavell’s piece, a moving tribute to his eccentric mom.

Bring Expressing Motherhood to Your Community

Expressing Motherhood is growing again.


I am currently in the process of talking to locals from their cities to bring the #ExMoShow to their town.


Expressing Motherhood did this back in 2010 when my generous sister-in-law Sabrina Kavet brought it to Boston. I kept having so many babies I needed to keep the show at a certain level for awhile but now I’m not having any more babies and my youngest is almost 4.

So bring on more cities!

If you are interested in Producing Expressing Motherhood in your town and Directing it please email me. lindsay(at)expressing motherhood.com. I will guide you.


Expressing Motherhood’s 8th Season

This is Expressing Motherhood’ 8th season.

Our first program. I used a photo I had taken of my belly while 9 months pregnant during the hottest summer on record in Los Angeles, with a 60 pound weight gain to boot.
Our first program. I used a photo I had taken of my belly while 9 months pregnant during the hottest summer on record in Los Angeles, with a 60 pound weight gain to boot.

In looking back over some photos during the first show back in June 2008 it’s clear to see that, we’ve aged.


Kidding aside, it’s also clear to see that we’ve been busy.

Me and my oldest, when it was just him.
Me and my oldest, when it was just him.

I only had one child when the show debuted. Jessica had two already. Our good friend Polly died the month before we debuted ExMo and the show could not have been a bigger gift as I threw myself into, literally as a means to channel my grief.

Jessica actually had to miss our first show as she contacted Meningitis! We kept thinking I had caused her to have a mental break down. Fortunately that was not the case.

Jessica being the superwoman she is made our programs from her hospital bed.

Rebecca Woolf was an original cast member.
Terry! The first person ever cast in the show. I was scouting for a theatre and Terry was so effusive about my idea he said I have to be in it. I agreed, you do and so he was. I called up Jess and said, “I’ve cast our first person and he’s a man.”

As we say though, the show must go on.

Original cast member Rebecca Woolf.
Original cast member Rebecca Woolf.

Within a year it was selling out and we took it, both pregnant this time to NYC turning our idea over the phone into a national play that was actually connecting with people.

Jessica and I being filmed for an LA news station.
Jessica and I being filmed for an LA news station.

I adore being a part of the show and look forward to announcing two new cities where it will be headed this Fall.

Get your ticket for next week’s DTLA show at 7:30PM.


Expressing Motherhood DTLA on 4.22

Expressing Motherhood will be performing with a new cast on 4.22 in Downtown LA at 7:30PM.

11014917_10153156279372974_3675872670805862563_n(My father-in-law helping me advertise. It’s always been a family ordeal. Since 2008 baby)


Don’t delay in getting your ticket as they are nearly sold out.

Cute new shirts for sale and 2 NEW CITIES will be announced for the Fall.

10955625_10153139178012974_434222768097346996_n 1514943_10153168577757974_7440918495660838767_n


That’s A Wrap

Expressing Motherhood just wrapped its two weekend run in Silver Lake. A huge thank you to all of the performers and all of the audience members.


I have been producing this show for 7 years now.


As I drove home on Saturday night I was filled with a calm happiness that I knew would be brief but utterly connected me to all that brings me joy.

Backstage is a show in itself.

10868038_10152878496562974_3291218208354362400_n 10417741_10152868766877974_7101707551438547846_n 10425154_10152875766147974_3267797574937134229_n

A bonding similar to summer camp happens only much quicker and without the ugliness. There is lots of drinking; water, tea, coffee, wine, bourbon. Lots of stifled laughing and shushing from me.

There are moments I can’t share but really are a story all unto themselves.

Then there are the brave performers who sit under the blue light going over their words. Most of them coming off a regular day, watching kids or working.


Then transforming themselves in the dressing room and braving the audience night after night.


Every night in theatre is different.

As Loretta Fox whispered to me “It’s live theatre!” As I tried to fix something happening backstage, we both shrugged and smiled.

10429349_10152867484892974_6454077587546240989_n-1 10511267_10152867484722974_5357593457620148005_n-1

It’s live and lively and makes me feel totally alive.

ExMo alum Peggy, Shannon, Anna and Nicole.
ExMo performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu.
MommyTonk with Mixed Clothing owner Sonia showed up!
ExMo performers Stacie and Susanna Morgan.

10511267_10152867484722974_5357593457620148005_n-1 10429349_10152867484892974_6454077587546240989_n-1I love my kids but man do I love this show.

I’m not sure when I will put on the next one but please like the ExMo Facebook page to know when submissions will be held.

I’ll upload the pieces that the performers have OK’d for video soon. Lori already uploaded her’s here.

Be on the listen for ExMo stories via Spotify.

Again, a huge thank you. I can’t wait to do another show.