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Expressing Motherhood Performers Headed to Mom2Summit

Just wanted to tell all of our past and current Expressing Motherhood performers headed to Mom2Summit to have a great time!

I was all set to go but due to an illness at our home I just can’t get there. Two lessons for me: you can still get whooping cough even if vaccinated, and momma bear’s intuition can be just as telling as a trained doctor.

A big thank you to the Ritz-Carlton of Laguna for being understanding.

NYC performer Liz Gumbinner will be a keynote speaker as well as LA original cast member Rebecca Woolf.

Liz Gumbinner
Liz Gumbinner
Rebecca Woolf
Rebecca Woolf



Elizabeth Jayne Liu
Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Upcoming LA performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu is headed there too. Have fun ladies, I wish I could be there. I’m trying not to cry in my herbal tea too much.

Now, go empty your minibars.

Our First “Talk Back”

Expressing Motherhood will host it’s first ever “Talk Back” after our Mother’s Day performance.

Right after the show we will invite members of the audience to ask our cast questions.

Feel free to stay and find out more about the moms who have just bared their soul to you.   Most of the cast met yesterday for a lovely brunch and here is a photo of them. Get your ticket now!

ExMo Brunch 2013

Meet Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Elizabeth Jayne Liu swears. A lot.


And we swear that she is one person that commands the stage.

Elizabeth  can be read and seen a lot of place. Her blog, Flourish in Progress, has been featured on Glamour, CBS, SavvySugar and other media outlets.

Connect with her on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Recent performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu, she'll also be performing in our next show, here in LA in May.
Recent performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu, she’ll also be performing in our next show, here in LA in May.

She also writes for the Huffington Post.

In the two years that her blog has been up it’s been named by Babble both years as a Top Mom Blog and she’s also been a Voices of the Year for BlogHer both years in the category of Humor.

Last year she was a Keynote Voices of the Year and she was able to read her piece in New York. 

Her new AM radio show/podcast, Flourish in Progress, was recently launched.

Google also named Flourish in Progress one of their “Blogs on Note” in 2011. Elizabeth also writes under the alias Flo-Rich for an urban site and for Felicity Huffman on her blog, What the Flicka.

Elizabeth will be sharing her story on our stage in May.

Our Show Has Been Cast; Tickets Now On Sale


The Lillian Theatre:1076 Lillian Way, Hollywood, 90038

Performances: May 10th @ 8PM, 11th @8PM &12th @ 7:00PM.
May 17th@ 8PM, 18th @ 8PM & 19th  7:00PM.

 We are opening on May 10th at 8PM with a special Ladies Night Out. For $25 you will receive a free glass of wine and everyone will be going home with a goody bag. Grab a friend and get your Mother’s Day weekend started off right.

Expressing Motherhood is pleased to introduce our cast for our Mother’s Day Run:

Joya Weinroth

 Bethany Winters

 Elizabeth Jayne Liu

 Beth Littleford

 Gayle Kolodny Cole

 Shannon Noel Webb

 Stacie Burrows

 Nora E. Plesent

Lisa Natale

 Krista Knott

 Abby Kohl

 Shannon Bradley-Colleary

 Laura Diamond

 We are opening on May 10th at 8PM with a special Ladies Night Out. For $25 you will receive a free glass of wine and everyone will be going home with a goody bag. Grab a friend and get your Mother’s Day weekend started off right.




A great present for you and a friend.


**The discount will be in effect until February 6th.


Ho Hey

A guest post from recent performer JJ Keith.

JJ Keith

Driving home from the last show of Expressing Motherhood, I listened to “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers on repeat. I’d adopted the song as my unofficial anthem of Expressing Motherhood, despite the fact that Expressing Motherhood has an official anthem.

For weeks I’d been jarred by commercials for that new Clint Eastwood movie, the one that’s about baseball. Whenever it came on, I’d look up, thinking that that I was about to see an ad for something good. But alas, not only am I not a fan of Clint Eastwood, I despise baseball, and, as I am the mother of two toddlers, I rarely go to the movies. That’s three strikes and you’re out, Clint Eastwood Movie Whose Name I Can’t Remember. (That, there, was the most advanced baseball reference I could muster.)

At the first rehearsal for Expressing Motherhood, one of the interstitial songs stopped me. Each time it came on, I’d think, “What is this and how do I get it on my iPod? And why am I thinking about baseball and Clint Eastwood right now?” Clearly, I am a simple creature, easily trained by the most root Pavlovian influences. I eventually put it together that it was the same song in the commercial as in the show and gathered the wherewithal to search for it on iTunes, and then, as is my way, listen to it approximately 246 times on repeat. Gradually, I broke the association with Clint Eastwood. Instead it came to represent the experience of performing in Expressing Motherhood.

“So show me family / All the blood that I would bleed

Throughout the run of the show it didn’t escape my attention that I was performing an essay about my inability to connect with mothers…in a show in which I shared the stage with a dozen other mothers, all of with whom I now feel genuinely and unreservedly connected. The other performers were kind enough to not call me out on this dick move, which was just one of many acts of graciousness I enjoyed during the run of the show.

“I don’t know where I belong / I don’t know where I went wrong / But I can write a song”

Contrary to what I said on stage, mothers have more than one thing in common. Sure, it doesn’t aways feel like we’re one big, global village, especially in the beginning stages when mothers often cordon themselves into camps according their chosen parenting methodology. The power of Expressing Motherhood is in highlighting the commonality of our experiences. The other women’s pieces were either highly relatable or a window into my future as a mother, the terrifying future in which I’ll have to tell my kids about sex or, oh dear, drop them off at their college dorms.

“I belong with you, you belong with me / You’re my sweetheart”

In anthropological terms, mothering is a liminal space where we are neither the same person before we had kids, nor have we emerged at the other end. I don’t know what marks “the end,” certainly not dropping our kids off at college dorms. That’s a freaking long liminal space to be trapped in! But, as liminal spaces go, motherhood is a rich one, one worth exploring, or, er, expressing.

And thank goodness all us moms belong to one another, that we can craft spaces in which we can deal with the uncertainty of our lot. Because isn’t what all this comes down to is our lack of surety? The excruciating ambiguity of our role as mothers? We don’t have to divide ourselves according to how we discipline our children or whether or not we sleep train as many of us do at the beginning. Instead we can acknowledge the uncertainty and just sit with that until it feels normal.

I was unsure about Expressing Motherhood and what I’d get out of it given that I’m not a performer. But there is worth to standing behind my words, in person, and owning my initial discomfort at having been thrust into a community of mothers just by virtue of having a kid. Now, finally, I accept that I have more in common with other moms than the simple act of mothering. I am certain of few things, but I know this.

JJ Keith surrounded by part of her new “moms group” Malena Hougen, Kelly Redican and Elizabeth Jayne Liu.

Expressing Motherhood’s Opening Weekend Re-Cap

What a fun weekend. Yes, it was a hot LA weekend but if you made it to our show then you know you had the hottest ticket in town.

Dressed up in our Unique Vintage dresses!

Friday opened our show up with a bang. Jessica and myself dawned our gorgeous dresses from Unique Vintage. We had our hair and makeup done and had some photos taken in front of our new Marquee. I must say I felt like a lucky woman. Playing dress up with my friend on the streets of LA, my 6 year-old self was beaming.

Laughing nervously as Friday traffic rolled slowly by. Have to love LA where people don’t even blink an eye when you look like this.

Ladies Night Out Burbank was a lot of fun. The street was packed with people and food trucks.

Bad Ass Burgers

The ladies performed to a sold out audience.

On Saturday a couple was eating at Urban Eats, directly across the theatre, and they said

“Everyone in the restaurant was coming to see this show, so we thought we would miss out if we didn’t come see it too.”

My amazing mother in law flew in from Boston to help run the ticketing booth.

All of the brave local LA moms shared their stories on stage.

By Sunday night we were easily collapsing into laughter as it was a “bit” warm backstage, 100 in the Valley baby. The cast had fallen into a rhythm.

We look forward to one more weekend. As one cast member said as she left last night, “I’m sad only one more weekend and a regular work week.” I know I said. The show runs are short, all the moms are far too busy to keep this pace up, but it sure is a wonderful point of creative refuge.

Hope to see you at the theatre. A big thank you to all of our sponsors this weekend. Love Nana Jams, Unique Vintage, Baby DeeDee, The Rose Run and Gutzy Gear.