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Babble and Expressing Motherhood


Babble will be live streaming the November 7th Expressing Motherhood show coming up in Silver Lake.

It’s a good thing too because the show is SOLD OUT.

So for those of you in different cities and states you can watch along with us!

This is the first time the show will be live-streamed and we are excited to pair up with Babble on this.

The show will start at 7:30PM PST and will remain up on Periscope for 24 hours.

You can watch the show via Babble’s Periscope channel here.

Expressing Motherhood Has 3 Segments Up on Its New Podcast

Over the past week I have barely put a bra on but I did launch Expressing Motherhood’s podcast  and it’s been a delight to run into my closet and talk to creative moms from all walks of life.

I’m hosting the podcast on BlogTalkRadio. You can go there and find Expressing Motherhood’s show, please subscribe!

We kicked it off with Mommy Tonk. I talked to this comedy duo while there were in their hotel room up in Santa Barbara as they have composed music for a play up there.

Listen here.


We touched on topics such as:

*Their upcoming tour

*When/How they find time to work together

*When they argue

*How they come up with their songs

Next up I had the pleasure of talking to ExMo alum Laura Diamond.

Listen here.

asynpzes shelter-us-cover-with-blurb

We talked about:

*How she published her book

*How much time she allots toward writing(the answer might surprise you)

Most recently I interviewed ExMo alum Elizabeth Aquino. She is a Los Angeles mom of 3. Listen here.


We talked about:

*Her continuing care towards her disabled 20 year-old daughter Sophie

*Being accepted into the prestigious, all women retreat up at Hedgebrook

*How her blog has been a daily exercise for her writing skills

*Some days she just wants to get off Facebook.

I have enjoyed listening to these women more then I imagined. I should say I knew I’d enjoy talking to them but I think others will enjoy listening to the podcast. At first I thought it might be old pieces read aloud but then organically it became me talking to creative moms.

I hope you will tune in and please subscribe.

If you are interested in being on the show please email me.

ExMo Alum Elizabeth Aquino’s New Book “Hope for a Sea Change”

ExMo alum Elizabeth Aquino has a new book out. We are very happy for her and wanted to share the news with  you.

She has published her short memoir Hope for a Sea Change: a search for healing by Shebooks. The e-book is available for download through Shebooks and Amazon.


When her three-month old daughter Sophie is diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder, Elizabeth Aquino and her husband Michael, are thrust into a nightmarish world of impossible decisions, toxic drug cocktails, and talk of brain surgery on their tiny child. As they grapple with the harrowing progression of their child’s seizures, they grow to understand that the doctors know little more about how to heal Sophie than they do. They are in a terrifying no-man’s land. This narrative of unintended medical trauma and the search for healing through alternative means will sear you with its stubborn hope, unexpected grace and abiding love.

“Elizabeth Aquino’s medical odyssey with her baby daughter, Sophie, just reached inside and wrapped my heart in a fist. I feel both broken and illuminated by the grit, pain and grace of this family’s harrowing search for healing. This is parenting at its most extreme. This is vast and stubborn and steadfast love.”
— Rosemarie Robotham

Morning Cup of Inspiration

A few months ago I went and saw past Expressing Motherhood performer Elizabeth Aquino read from a passage that was included in a new book from Barbara Abercrombie. Barbara was promoting the book “Kicking In The Wall” “A book filled with a year of writing exercise, prompts and quotes to help you break through your blocks and reach your writing goals.”


I was inspired by the small handful of writers there and by Barbara.


The book is filled with many great quotes from writers and one of which shouted out to me by Richard Rhodes. It read as follows:

“We need stories to live, all of us. We live by story. Yours enlarges the circle.”

I ended up emailing him and asking him if Expressing Motherhood could use that quote to put on a some coffee mugs we are going to have made up to sell at shows.

To my surprise, he said yes.

It’s a beautiful quote and I like the string of events that got me to him and I adore being surrounded by passionate writers and am thankful Elizabeth got me out of my home that night to hear her share her writing.

The eclectic small group of LA women and a few men made me feel like my journey to LA was a good choice for me and that once again this city which gets such a shallow rap is deeper and more interesting then it’s  given credit for being.


Expressing Motherhood……The Reviews Are In!

Posted by  Co-creator, Jessica Cribbs

Well, another run is over.

But not without AMAZING things being said about it!

Our Fall 2012 Cast

“One of the most entertaining poinegnt evenings I’ve had in a long time. The stories made me feel like I’m not alone in my odd world of motherhood.”
– Nicole Sullivan, MADTv, Cougar Town

“I saw this production last night. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me want to share my story too. Thanks, ladies. You are beautiful women and moms.”
– Louise Post, Audience Member

“I LOVED IT. It felt like a delicious gift. Best evening in ages.”
– Gayle Cole, Audience Member

”Please don’t ever stop doing this. I always take away so much from your show. Thank you for putting so much time in to it!”
– Jennifer Lindman Lovold, Audience Member

“I loved this show. I laughed out loud. I openly cried… The women reminded me of everything that I had feared about becoming a mother….I felt it. The camaraderie of motherhood. The camaraderie of women.”
-Tommie Vaughn, TheWallsOfTom.com

Great job ladies. I’m sad to see this run end, but completely satisfied in the content shared and the bonds created. Bravo!

Thoughts on the show from our performers

Being a part of Expressing Motherhood guarantees ones thing.

You’ll be tired by the end of it.

What we hope it brings of course is a sense of some fulfillment and a feeling that you have put yourself outside of your comfort zone and liked it.

You can read how performer Shannon Noel Webb feels here.

Or read about performer Elizabeth Aquino’s thoughts here.

Krista Knott also weighs in over here.

As for myself.

I always am so relieved when the show comes around. Finally, people sharing things that are rarely, if ever expressed out loud. It feels as if it’s a very brief moment where a collective sigh is heard and felt. Ah. I’m not crazy.

Or rather, I’m not the only one who feels crazy.

Thank you for being a part of this show.

I told my husband the other night, I feel as if I have fulfilled my little girl dreams.

I’m satisfied by what the show brings. There is a struggle with wanting to be with the show more and more but when my two little ones called out mom and sat on either hip this morning I felt lucky to be able to spend the day with them. I’ve had two weeks to “play.”

The show has become a channel for my worries, loneliness, anxiety and hope.

I’m glad I can focus on my kids now as their screaming tells me I have not been.

But I already am thinking of the next show in giddy anticipation.

Expressing Motherhood’s Opening Weekend Re-Cap

What a fun weekend. Yes, it was a hot LA weekend but if you made it to our show then you know you had the hottest ticket in town.

Dressed up in our Unique Vintage dresses!

Friday opened our show up with a bang. Jessica and myself dawned our gorgeous dresses from Unique Vintage. We had our hair and makeup done and had some photos taken in front of our new Marquee. I must say I felt like a lucky woman. Playing dress up with my friend on the streets of LA, my 6 year-old self was beaming.

Laughing nervously as Friday traffic rolled slowly by. Have to love LA where people don’t even blink an eye when you look like this.

Ladies Night Out Burbank was a lot of fun. The street was packed with people and food trucks.

Bad Ass Burgers

The ladies performed to a sold out audience.

On Saturday a couple was eating at Urban Eats, directly across the theatre, and they said

“Everyone in the restaurant was coming to see this show, so we thought we would miss out if we didn’t come see it too.”

My amazing mother in law flew in from Boston to help run the ticketing booth.

All of the brave local LA moms shared their stories on stage.

By Sunday night we were easily collapsing into laughter as it was a “bit” warm backstage, 100 in the Valley baby. The cast had fallen into a rhythm.

We look forward to one more weekend. As one cast member said as she left last night, “I’m sad only one more weekend and a regular work week.” I know I said. The show runs are short, all the moms are far too busy to keep this pace up, but it sure is a wonderful point of creative refuge.

Hope to see you at the theatre. A big thank you to all of our sponsors this weekend. Love Nana Jams, Unique Vintage, Baby DeeDee, The Rose Run and Gutzy Gear.

Expressing Motherhood’s Opening Night is Next Week

Know any of these Los Angeles Moms?

Elizabeth Aquino

Jacquelyn De Longe

JJ Keith

Krista Knott

Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Susanna Morgan

Nancy Murphy

Shannon Noel

Malena Hougen Patel

Kelly Radican

Susan Sheu

Anna Bocci West

You will get to know them if you come see them perform on stage next week.

Tickets still available.