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Information on The Next Show: Downtown LA

Expressing Motherhood is headed to the  historic Downtown Independent Theatre for our next show.


The show will be April 22nd, one night only, at 7:30PM.

Tickets on sale soon.

The modern theatre seats 236, wine, beer, candy & popcorn are sold inside. Nearby lots surround the theatre where parking can be found. The venue is located on Second and Main St, right near where skid row meets Little Tokyo.


Submissions for this show will be accepted February 16th, again one day only.


Looking forward to being in yet another location in Los Angeles.  As ExMo has since it’s origins in ’08 diversity of stories is being sought so please help spread the word about the show.


Thank you,




Our Goody Bag for Opening Night: Sara Horne Jewelry

Last night I had the treat of attending Red Dress Event by the American Heart Association with The Fab mom, Jill Simonian.

Jill Simonian
Jill Simonian

We had no idea it was fashion week or that you should never show up early or on time for  an event for fashion week. Being moms, we did both.

We waited from 7:30 until 10:00 downtown at the Vibiana to see the ladies strut their stuff. But we laughed a lot, gawked at the fashion and shopped. I met local jewelry designer Sara Horne.

Sara Horne Jewelry
Sara Horne Jewelry




Expressing Motherhood is happy to report that Sara will be giving away pieces of jewelry to everyone who attends Ladies Night Out. Just one more fun reason to get out and see the show.

Thank you Sara!