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Des Moines Submissions Accepted Until Friday October 30th

Submissions for the Des Moines Expressing Motherhood will be accepted until this Friday, October30th.


We are looking for stories about motherhood that you are willing to share on stage.

We also accept songs, skits and even dance numbers.


Just one rehearsal and two shows on the same day in February.

Tell your grandma, sister, mom, husband, the topic just needs to be motherhood.

Submissions, A Podcast and a New City

A big thank you to all who submitted for the Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls shows. We will get back to you within the next two weeks.

The September Los Angeles show will be accepting submission on June 23rd. Please check under Submissions for details on showtimes and rehearsals.


We have one more city to announce, Expressing Motherhood will be headed to Des Moines, Iowa in the Spring! Local Producer Ashlen Sheaffer will be heading up the show over there. Submissions for the Des Moines show will be accepted October 19th.


This is a video we shot back in 2009 when we were aiming to take ExMo to Des Moines in 2010. Thankfully we changed plans as I would have had to fly with a 6 week old colicky baby (no bleeping way.)


Tomorrow I’ll be talking to LA mom/writer Jillian Lauren on the ExMo podcast.