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8 Years of Expressing Motherhood

Expressing Motherhood closed out it’s 8th year this past weekend to a sold out crowd in Silver Lake.



Expressing Motherhood had a wonderful two night run in Chicago led by Local Producer Colleen O’Neill.

Colleen and our youngest performer ever, Lola, her daughter.
Colleen and our youngest performer ever, Lola, her daughter.


As far as upcoming shows, tickets for the South Bay show in January are now on sale.


Submissions for the Mother’s Day shows in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara will be accepted in January.


Here is a wonderful quote that Silver Lake patron Donna Staub had to say about the show, “The stories made me laugh, cry and think. Totally engrossing and carefully curated. I gave a well deserved standing ovation. Expressing Motherhood is a gift.”

I assure you I don’t think I could have dreamt 8 years ago this show would still be going or someone might say something like that.


Thank you for your continuing patronage.


San Francisco, Sioux Falls & Chicago Get Your Tickets

We just wrapped up a sold out weekend here in Los Angeles.


I’ll be headed up to San Francisco next week for the first ever Expressing Motherhood in San Fran. Use the code Bogoexmoshow to get 2 tickets for the price of 1. Get your tickets here.

Next week Expressing Motherhood will also be debuting in Sioux Falls for the first time ever. Headed up by Local Producer Megan Pederson. Get your tickets here.

Lastly, we will be back in Chicago in the beginning of November. Get your tickets here.

Don’t miss out on a truly wonderful night out. Take time to hang with your mom friends and turn your phones off for a couple of hours.

Submissions for the first Des Moines, Iowa and South Bay, CA shows are coming up as well.

Chicago Fall 2015 Expressing Motherhood Cast

Thank you to all who submitted to be a part of the 2nd Chicago cast of Expressing Motherhood.


Showtimes: 11/6 @7:30PM AND 11/7 @ 8:30PM

The cast will be performing on the Ruth Page stage hosted by the Chicago Children’s Theatre beautiful set of “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” as their  backdrop. Local Producer Colleen O’Neill will be directing.


Meet the cast:

Lola Reech
Jackie McEachen
Ashley Williams
Michele Weldon
Kathleen Buckley
Matt Scharpf
Gail Vijuk
Leslie Roach
Amelia Dellos
Colleen O’Neill
Spread the word on social media use #exmoshow #chicago

Expressing Motherhood: Call For Submissions For Chicago

Expressing Motherhood is headed back to Chicago this November.


Submissions will be accepted soon, September 7th. Please help us spread the word.

Former ExMoShow Alum Colleen O’Neill will be the Local Producer for the Chicago show.

Born and raised in Chicago, Colleen began her career as an kid actor selling cereal toys and candy at the ripe old age of eight for $38/day. Back then she was mostly in it for the craft service and missing school.  She is a Second City Conservatory alum of both the LA and Chicago programs. In addition to writing, directing and producing, she is also one of the founding members of the sketch comedy group The McGillicuddys and producer and founder of the all-female sketch show “Slippery Handles,” which is also the name of her blog.  “Slippery Handles” came out of Colleen’s experience in searching for the funny in a not so funny battle with cancer. A self-proclaimed not-your-mama’s-mama with an affinity for swear words, Colleen counts herself blessed to be the mama of one super-smart, supremely hilarious and always patient little girl.  She also has an amazing, supportive husband who helps her to appear sane at parties.
Colleen’s current projects include work on her original,fully-improvised comedy #Actress and producing her first feature film “Blind Faith.”Her credits include TV, Film, Commercials, Print and Theater. Colleen does a bit of stand-up now and then. She is so excited to be producing this Expressing Motherhood Chicago show.


Email her with any questions. chicago(at)expressingmotherhood.com

We will have a rehearsal:

11/5 Thursday 3PM-7PM


11/6 Friday @ 7:30PM

11/7 Saturday @ 8:30PM

In cooperation with Chicago Children’s Theatre the show will be held at the CCT residence theater The Ruth Page Theater Housed within this historic building is a 218-seat black box theater, a wonderfully intimate and flexible setting for theater and dance performances that offers excellent acoustics and sightlines. The theater is supported by a reception area, concession area in lower level lounge, photographic display area and Box office.



Follow Up With Chicago Performer Jayme Miller

Jayme Miller is an Illinois mom who recently performed in our first ever, Chicago show. She was actually the first submission I received and she had me laughing out loud. She had never performed before and I said Jayme, you are a natural, you even blocked yourself so well. What does that mean she asked me. She really did a fantastic job and how brave to do this, having never done it before.
1. What was it like participating in Expressing Motherhood?
Since this was my first time on stage since high school musicals and dance recitals, the experience was a bit scary for me… at first. The cast became like a sorority of misfits to laugh and cry with at rehearsals and backstage! Once I got through “opening night,” I felt like my story had an impact and that’s all that mattered. Audience members were complimentary and caught up in the stories. I was proud of my role in the show.
fall2013 028
What surprised you about being in the show?
I loved the connection and immediate bonding. We all came from such different backgrounds and our stories were so diverse. It was interesting at how we connected through each others’ stories. It is like a very complex spider web, where our lives all cross in so many different directions but are united together.
2. Had you ever performed before?
I had never performed in an ExMo show, but I would love to try it again!!
3. What projects do you have on the immediate horizon?
I am hosting a viewing party for all my friends and family who could not make it to the show in Chicago! I feel like I got a little theatrical itch that I may need to scratch… there are some local theater groups that I may take a chance with! I also plan to keep teaching elementary school and try to come up with a miraculous way to organize the closets of my four children in my spare time!
4. In regards to your piece, what kind of questions were you asked by people?
My piece was some of the laugh out loud moment in my pregnancies that were a little “UNEXPECTED”! Since I explained these moments in GREAT detail, I didn’t have many follow up questions;)
How did your friends respond?
My friends and family were amazing support! They laughed, they cried, they complimented every bit of the show! I really can’t explain how grateful I am at their love and friendship throughout this experience. We also had a great time talking and laughing after the shows! What a great excuse for Girls Night Out!!
fall2013 004
Expressing Motherhood gave me the opportunity to laugh at myself. It made me proud of my role as a mom, with all my flaws included. We all have a very difficult job to do, and this show, the cast and directors, my family and friends and the strangers in the audience… all reminded me that you can not do it alone. Being a mom requires a whole lot of other people in the world to help get the job done right! So thank you, for helping me to be better at being me!

Follow Up With Chicago Performer Kathleen Buckley

Kathleen Buckley is an Illinois mom who recently performed in our Chicago show. You can read more about her in our pre-show interview here. But to hear about how she felt about doing the show and what her latest project are, read on.


What was it like participating in Expressing Motherhood?

What surprised you about being in the show?

This was my first time on stage, my first time being back stage in a theater, and my first time sharing one of my stories in a public setting so I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Lindsay and Jessica were so organized and professional that they made it super easy to participate and do so successfully. All the other cast members, many of whom had performed before, were so supportive and welcoming. And everyone was SO MUCH FUN! I got to meet an amazing, intersting and diverse group of women. I didn’t expect to meet people that I’d want to really know. They made every moment off stage memorable. Expressing Motherhood was like a mix of Girl Scout Camp and Bourbon Street – and those have been two of my favorite places to visit!
images Unknown

Had you ever performed before?

No, unless you include standing up in front of stuffy business types nervously pitching product ideas.

What projects do you have on the immediate horizon?

I have three ongoing projects:

  • Publishing an anthology of stories for and about women who became moms after the age of forty. My two partners on the project, like me,  had their first babies after forty, and we know first hand how being an older mom poses it’s own unique set of joys and challenges. The call for entries can be found here.

 My portfolio! I hope to get my MFA in Graphic Design so I can eventually leave the corporate world for the academic one. It’s what I always thought I’d do and now it’s time to do it.


  • Converting my rarely used formal dining room into a real studio so that when we do want to dine formally (like twice a year) I don’t have to temporarily shut down projects, cap off paint tubes, file away scribbles. I can just leave everything out while we eat on folding tables in the living room.

In regards to your piece, what kind of questions were you asked by people? How did your friends respond?

I was surprised how many women (and men!) commented in the lobby after the show that they’d had a similar experience to mine. Many people asked me if my story was true – including some friends. A few women genuinely thanked me for having shared my good fortune with women who couldn’t do what I could. I didn’t expect that. It was really cool to make those connections.

A Great Review

Here is an email that a former performer sent to me, the email was sent to her. A great review!
Just wanted to write to tell you that we went to see Expressing Motherhood in Chicago this past weekend and it was incredible! Absolutely beyond amazing, inspiring, raw, heartfelt and moving. I only wish it was here longer, I would have gone back with Tommy! I am so glad my friends and I had the chance to share in such a special experience so thank you for turning us on to it!


My Chicago Experience

Here is my post on the Chicago wrap up.

I chose “Pumpin Blood” by NONONO as the song we all bow to because I’ve been spinning to it so much and my heart has been at the forefront of my mind this year. On January 1st my heart started racing and I drove the the ER and ended up having a scarier situation then I thought. Very standard SVT it turns out but scary as hell. I’ve been working hard to unravel whatever it is that has wound me so tight the last few years.

My little attacks have calmed way down due to exercise, water, saying no, praying, reading, yoga, drinking with friends, not drinking at times, calling my therapist, more dinner with friends who make me laugh until I cry, prescribed drugs, whatever you name it, a lot. The one thing I’ve been trying so hard to do is to not let the anger consume me and not let my fear swallow me up.

Right before the show I started to become so scared to leave my kids.

But as I flew home and looked over the Rockys as we bounced a little I asked myself, how can I teach my children to be as fearless as they can possibly be? How can I teach them that?

I know I struggle, battle and sludge my way through eyeball high fear but at least I did it, I got on the plane (a fear of mine) and was deeply rewarded by the experience I had in Chicago.

Just as I typed that my friend, my catalyst really for Chicago just texted me saying she was proud of me. I’m so thankful that I have a friend who would say that. And I’m so happy this friend is pregnant! Took her 6 years of trying and as soon as I found out bam, Chicago was in the works. 

Couldn’t have asked for a better week.

Thank you to all who participated. Here are the lyrics to “Pumpin Blood.”


Hey heart, on the road again, moving on, forward

IMG_9270 IMG_9271 IMG_9275

See the stars, won’t break the bones

They’re in the car, on the highway

It’s so magical, feeling, that no one’s got a hold

Your heart can list the all, happiness you know



This is your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood
It’s your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood
And the whole wide world is whistling



Hey heart, on the road again, driving stand, forward
See the stars, won’t take his course
Got the band and …
It’s the best of world’s feeling, like nothing can go wrong
Hear the sirens, the world, you catching on



This is your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood
It’s your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood
And the whole wide world is whistling

Styled by Bethany Winters!

Hey heart, won’t you run again
On the highway, on the highway
Hey heart, won’t you run again
On the highway, on the highway

Bobby’s Bike Hike, best tour experience ever.


This is your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood
It’s your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood





















Follow Up With Chicago Performer Amy Rowe

As part of a follow up series with our Chicago cast here is a Q&A with recent Ohio performer and mom Amy Rowe. Amy discussed how though she was told she’d fall in love instantly with her newborn it, in reality, took longer then an instant.

Amy is second from the left in the red!

 What was it like participating in Expressing Motherhood? What surprised you about being in the show?

I am always amazed at the adrenaline rush that comes from being in front of an audience. Hearing their laughter is so affirming and encouraging.

 Had you ever performed before?

I was a member of the New York cast back in 2009. Other than that, I have been in a few church plays, performed a couple of solos (again, at church), and was a lily pad in a preschool play many moons ago.

What projects do you have on the immediate horizon?

As soon as I unbury myself from the projects I put on hold while in Chicago, I’m planning to work on the lyrics for a new song for Stacie and Shannon to perform. My working title? I’m glad you ask! It’s “Fuck you! No, I’m not pregnant.” It will be dedicated to the Lyft driver named Grace who so uncool-like noticed my gut and congratulated me on my mom-to-be status. (Bitch!)

Then, I hope to polish up a couple of pieces to submit to the Oh, Baby: True Stories About Tiny Humans  anthology you guys told us about.

Oh, and I also want to have a viewing party for the DVD when it comes out. Lots of my friends were bummed to not have been able to attend the show. It’s a good excuse to enjoy some wine with my fellow moms, right?

Thanks again for the great opportunity, ladies! Hope to see you at another show sometime soon!!!