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Expressing Motherhood Boston Is Tonight. Also, San Francisco Promo, 2 for 1

I can’t tell you how much it has made my week to see photos from the Boston Expressing Motherhood rehearsal rolling in via social networks.


I have never not been at a rehearsal or show but I can tell by the smiling faces the women are having a great time and I know Local Producer and ExMo Alum Robin Maxfield will be a wonderful leader.

Tickets are still available for the show. Don’t miss out on something special.

IMG_2567(That was me flying out to Boston with my 6 month-old colicky baby who could not see but we didn’t know it) Ha, but the show went on back in 2010!

This week Expressing Motherhood announced on Facebook that we would have a 2 for the price of 1 promo for our upcoming San Francisco show. This will go into effect beginning this Monday afternoon.


Please use the promo code BOGOexmoshow and you will receive 2 tickets for the price of 1!

If you have any problems feel free to email me at:


It is hot here in Los Angeles, I’ve been spending most of my time trying to help out my good friend who lost her husband, a beloved friend of our families. I’ve been bonding with my old neighbors and despite this atrocious heat I’m making soup and trying not to lose my sanity because Fall in LA will make you do that.


The glimmer of excitement and happiness I felt in my kitchen this afternoon when I saw part of the Boston cast at the rehearsal gave me a burst of joy.

Break a leg Boston cast!


The Boston Fall 2015 Expressing Motherhood Cast

Local producer Robin Maxfield and myself are happy to introduce to you the Boston cast! The stories are rich and full of moments you really don’t want to miss.


Thrilled to have Expressing Motherhood back in Boston, the last time we were there it was the Fall of 2015 and the Local Producer was Sabrina Kavet.

Buy your ticket here!

Liz Correll

Amanda MacKinnon

Andrea Meyer

Sue Schmidt

Christine Carr

Susanna Baum

Robin Maxfield

Mary Hannon

Joanne Powers

Kyra Anderson


Submissions Accepted June 1 for Sioux Falls, Boston & San Francisco

Submissions will be accepted on Monday, June 1st for the Sioux Falls, Boston and San Francisco Fall 2015 Expressing Motherhood shows.


Please see Submissions for information.

We are looking for pieces that, when read aloud, are 5 minutes long.

They need to be your story about motherhood.

You need not be a female or a mother.

Piece can be in the form of a monologue, song, skit or my yet to be had but wanted….dance number.

Local Producer Megan Pederson was featured on KeloLand today talking about how Expressing Motherhood is headed to Sioux Falls for the first time and submissions will be accepted this Monday.


Expressing Motherhood Fall 2015: San Francisco, Boston & Sioux Falls

Expressing Motherhood is headed to two new cities this Fall, San Francisco and Sioux Falls.


We will also be headed back to Boston.

All three shows will be accepting submissions on June 1st.

Expressing Motherhood will have local producers put on the the show in Sioux Falls and Boston. Megan Pederson will be producing the Sioux Falls show. She is available via email at siouxfalls(at)expressing motherhood.com. Robin Maxfield, an ExMo alum, will be producing the Boston show, she is available via email at boston(at)expressing motherhood.com


For show details please see Submissions.

We are looking for stories about motherhood to be shared on stage. They should be no longer then 5 minutes when read aloud.

Looking forward to seeing the  show enjoyed by more people this Fall!


The Boston Marathon Explosion-Insight From My Mother-In-Law

My husband is from Boston.

So I hesitated a second before reading him the breaking news today.

I can only imagine if a place where I was from, say Des Moines, Iowa had similar breaking news, how I would react.

My husband’s mom is 71. She wrote about today in her Facebook status. Her eloquent words speak loudly. I have actually rarely seen her post a Facebook status, perhaps never?

She helps at nearly all of our shows so if you have attended an Expressing Motherhood chances are high that you have seen her.

Here are her words about today:

You have to live near Boston to know how unique and wonderful Patriot’s Day is here in Massachusetts. Patriot’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated in no other state in the US. By 5:30 am thousands of people have crowded into Lexington to watch the enactment of the Battle of Lexington, with men dressed like Minutemen and British Soldiers confronting each other on the town green. The Red Sox play baseball starting at 11 am so the game will end just in time for the crowds to empty out of the ballpark and cheer their friends and neighbors who are running the famed Boston Marathon. Families take their children to favored spots all along the marathon route to support these dedicated runners, many of whom are raising money for a charity dear to their hearts. In downtown Boston, family members wait near the finish line to congratulate their loved ones for a job well done. Everyone who runs the Boston Marathon says that the crowds are the best anywhere. Today in Boston the unbridled joy of Patriot’s Day has been changed forever. Our hearts go out to all those innocent people who have been wounded or who have died.