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New Episode on the Podcast: Interview with Beth Littleford

Expressing Motherhood has a new episode up on its podcast.

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Beth Littleford shares a ton with me.


*Her favorite drug of choice (being on stage)


*Why your 40’s are really a great time for women.

*How having a nanny is a form of taking care of ones self

Just get past the first minute of me wrestling with the music, ahhh, I’ll figure it out I promise.


Opening Night of Expressing Motherhood is Sold Out

Opening Night of “Expressing Motherhood” is sold out.

ExMo Brunch 2013

It’s no wonder with all of our wonderful sponsors and complimentary glass of wine for Ladies Night.

Saturday is nearly sold out.

Sunday, May 12th, Mother’s Day will have our first ever Q&A with the moms after they perform, plus we are being catered by Daphne’s. That means everyone who comes gets a free dinner from them.

Ladies Night Is Almost Sold Out

Don’t delay if you are interested in attending opening night, our Ladies Night Out.

Expressing Motherhood’s opening night is almost sold out.

We are almost to full capacity and it is clear to see why. On top of the talented women who will be on stage your ticket gets you a complimentary glass of wine and a goody bag with goods from:

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Meet Upcoming Performer Beth Littleford

Beth Littleford has shared a few of her funny and powerful stories with us before. We are excited to have her back with us again and hear her contagious laugh backstage.



Which will then prompt Co-Creator Jessica to have to shush her.

Then we will have more laughter.

What I admire about Beth is the fact that she is a working actor who just loves her craft and is committed to the spoken word venue around town. She’s a down to earth super star.

Beth will be sharing her story about her adoption with her second child.

You can connect with Beth on Facebook here.

Ladies Night & The Time Beth Littleford Went on a Liquor Run For Us

Our opening night will be a Ladies Night. And no we don’t discriminate so men are allowed as always, it’s Hollywood baby, anything goes.


It does mean that for $25 you will receive a complimentary glass of wine and you will go home with a goody bag. As those of you know we often come up with fabulous raffle prizes as well. Just know we will treat you right!

Opening night is Friday May 10th and we’ve already sold quite a few tickets for that evening. Showtime is at 8PM.

We will have a lot of wine as we will not make performer Beth Littleford go on a liquor run for us during the show.


Which she has done before. Beth took off for Trader Joe’s on Santa Monica Blvd. and bought a bunch of wine, when she performed for us a few years back. She made it back in time to close out the show. Yes, Ms. Littleford is one cool lady indeed.

You can buy your ticket here.


Our Show Has Been Cast; Tickets Now On Sale


The Lillian Theatre:1076 Lillian Way, Hollywood, 90038

Performances: May 10th @ 8PM, 11th @8PM &12th @ 7:00PM.
May 17th@ 8PM, 18th @ 8PM & 19th  7:00PM.

 We are opening on May 10th at 8PM with a special Ladies Night Out. For $25 you will receive a free glass of wine and everyone will be going home with a goody bag. Grab a friend and get your Mother’s Day weekend started off right.

Expressing Motherhood is pleased to introduce our cast for our Mother’s Day Run:

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 We are opening on May 10th at 8PM with a special Ladies Night Out. For $25 you will receive a free glass of wine and everyone will be going home with a goody bag. Grab a friend and get your Mother’s Day weekend started off right.




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Courageous Women

I am always personally drawn to the stories of tragedy and triumph in our Expressing Motherhood shows. I suppose I feel connected to them, in a way. We have had so many women share such deep, emotional and often times very raw pieces on stage, I’m left with them for weeks…with a literal feeling of exhaustion…experiencing them over and over through our many shows. I can hardly imagine how our performers feel when sharing these same stories night after night. (Look up Courage in the dictionary and you’ll find any of our performers listed there.)

Kim Hamer shared with us her experience of losing her husband to cancer while leading her three young children through it. She performed her piece perfectly on stage and lived the emotions all over again after stepping off stage.

Kim Hamer

Andrea Meyer read to us her experience through a somewhat late term miscarriage. Andrea is so gifted with her words, her pain felt like your pain…as if you were actually going through this yourself.

Andrea Meyer

Angela Alexander lost two children in a car accident…while she was out of the country on active duty in the military. She turned her tragedy into a ministry and is inspiring many, many other people to keep putting one foot in front of the other when all seems hopeless.

Angela Alexander

Mona King not only has sung about the craziness of driving a mini-van and leading a life of a marriage and three children, she sang a song during one run of our show about raising a child with severe disabilities. You would have to be inhuman to not feel the insane love she has for that child.

Mona King

Anissa Mayhew wrote a letter to two of her three children apologizing to them about the attention her third one got so often due to that child’s cancer. Anissa suffered a stroke shortly before our show and was unable to fly to Los Angeles to perform. I had the privilege of reading her letter onstage. Anissa is as strong as she is hilarious.

“Team Anissa.” They traveled to LA for the show.

And don’t forget Dana Bell….

Dana Bell

These mothers and so many more I’ve been blessed to meet through Expressing Motherhood, are amazing testimonies to strong, courageous, women.

There is one woman, however, that holds a story that I will truly never forget.

That story belongs to Beth Littleford.

Beth is a two time performer in EM. The first time she stood on our stage, she shared a little piece she called “Letter To My Son’s Future Therapist.” It was as funny as it sounds…but with a serious subject behind it…Postpartum Depression.

Beth and I after our closing night in her first EM show.

It was during that show Beth and I talked a lot back stage. We talked about grief, really. My own mothers death was not too far behind me at that point. She said she knew grief very well, but couldn’t talk about it…not because she didn’t want to but because she couldn’t.

When she came back to perform in the show again..she had found the courage, through healing, to talk about it. Beth lost her father and 12 year old younger brother in a terrible accident while the two of them were off to Alaska on an outdoors trip. Beth recalled detailed memories of the last few times she talked with her brother. At that point, her own son was approaching her brothers age when he died and the conflict of joy and sorrow was still overwhelming.

Beth was dealing with the grief as part a healing process. She was moving forward, sharing and indeed, healing. This is part of the reason why she decided to talk about it on our stage. And we are so glad she did.

I get it. The “sharing in order to heal” part of it.

There are so very many sides to all of the shows we’ve had to pleasure to put up. They are always filled with so many different women with hilarious stories of motherhood that have you rolling in the aisles to somber, humbling experiences like the ones above.

No matter which ones I’m identifying with at the time, I’m always glad we’re Expressing Motherhood.