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Daphne’s California Greek & Pretzel Crisps Will Make Our Sunday Shows Delicious!

pretzelcrisps_flavors-1Coming to one of our Sunday shows this weekend?

You’ll get treated to either Pretzel Crisps or Daphne’s California Greek!
At the Sunday matinee, 2pm show, Pretzel Crisps will join us to let you sample the amazing flavors of Pretzel Crisps and you can take some home with you as well.
Pretzel Crisps happen to be a staple in our home…the original and everything are our favorites. We can’t wait to have them share with you!

1558495_791980567483329_454540321_nThen, on our closing night show…not only is will you be watching a great show and have an opportunity to stay for a “Talk Back” with the cast, but you’ll be treated to delicious food from Daphne’s California Greek!

Daphne’s is  a Southern California based company and if you’ve never had, you should. They do Mediterranean with a California twist.

Come enjoy our last weekend of this run.


There are tickets still available for all three days, HERE….


The Top 5 Reasons You Should See Expressing Motherhood This February!


5. Our Sponsors – It’s no secret Expressing Motherhood has had some great people and businesses supporting the show and sharing their gifts with our audience. Our opening night show is sponsored by Club MomMe in Los Angeles. Every member of the audience that night will be getting a free glass of wine and a goody bag with the fantastic show they’re seeing. On February 9th, our matinee audience will get a great coupon to use at Wax Poetic, a salon focused on waxing…we all need a little waxing now and then. At our Valentine’s Day show on February 14th, one lucky audience member will receive a one night stay at the Tangerine Hotel in Burbank, CA in our Romantic Getaway Giveaway! Who says you need to go far to get away?

4. It’s A Girls Night Like No Other – Gather the troops and get out for the night. We are giving you a legitimate, amazing reason to get that sitter (or husband as mine likes to call himself sitter sometimes) and get out for the evening. You are not only going to enjoy wine and dinner, whatever you chose to do before the show, but you are most certainly going to have something to talk about on the way home. Guaranteed.

3. Someone Else Is Watching Your Kids – It could be the husband or the cheapest babysitter you could find on Craigslist…take advantage and get out of the house. Spanx yourself nice and tight, put on those heels hiding in the back of the closet, have that girls night you’ve been waiting all month for and let someone else put those wee ones to bed. Let someone else get that night time routine done…the fighting and pleading to say up longer, the feet in the face while trying to help a three year old get the Dora jammies on, the toothpaste and story time. As much as you might enjoy toes in the nose like me, let someone else do it for one evening and leave the house.

2. You Need A Good Laugh Or Cry – We all have those days. Sometimes it’s a laugh you desire, other times its the cry. I’m never sure why I need either, but I know it feels great when I do. Expressing Motherhood will give you both, maybe even at the same time, it doesn’t matter. Pack your tissues and maybe the tube of mascara for reapplying. Come, get it out with us…cry, laugh, slap your knee, hide your face in your sweater. We’re here for you.

1. It’s Theatre You’ll Never Forget – This show is some of the best, most genuine real live theatre you’ll ever see. These stories are original, they are funny, sad, poignant, spoken, sung…they might even be your story. If there is anything I’ve learned from producing and performing in this show, it’s the desire we all have to connect with one another, maybe just even one person who’s experienced what we have as a or there. Good or bad, Happy, sad, frustrating or disappointing. You will walk away from Expressing Motherhood entertained. You’ll walk away in tears, or in laughter…you will walk away moved. You will leave the show feeling blessed, the blessings that come with time for yourself, the blessings that come with being with friends and the blessings that come from hearing other stories that help you reflect on your own.

Wax Poetic Giving Fantastic Coupon To Audience!

a50a7d99b99c9fa3b0f8ec70abe450a5Get your wax on!

Wax Poetic in Magnolia Park Burbank will be giving out coupons to all audience members at our Sunday, February 9th matinee show at 2pm. If you have your ticket for that show, you will recieve a $20 off any service $40 or more at Wax Poetic!


Basically, for one service, you’re looking at 50% off!


Wax poetic specializes in waxing, but they also do facials and eyelash tinting. They are located at 3206 1/2 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank.

You can find them online here…and on Facebook and Twitter.



Thank you Wax Poetic for supporting the show!


Win A One Night Romantic Getaway In Our Valentine’s Day Giveaway To The Tangerine Hotel!

index3Lets face it, as mom’s we are strapped for time. Someone recently told me, the time we have is the time we make. And making time for a little one on one with your partner, well, it can prove to be more than a little difficult.

This Valentine’s Day, we will be on stage entertaining you in the second week of our first Expressing Motherhood show of 2014, but we will also be offering a very nice gift courtesy of The Tangerine Hotel in Burbank, CA! *Must be used by November 30, 2014.  Subject to availability at time of reservation

All members of the audience will have a chance to win a one night stay at The Tangerine in Burbank for a little Romantic Getaway!

The Tangerine is a “Retro-chic meets eclectic-modern with an independent flair” nestled close to the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank. Who doesn’t need a getaway!? Sometimes one night is all it takes.

tour3Make a Valentine’s Day Date to come see Expressing Motherhood…or come see the show with the girls and save the date for later..(wink wink.)

Get your tickets HERE!

You can find The Tangerine online at and on Facebook.



Our Favorite 2013 Expressing Motherhood Moment…….

IMG_69072013 proved to be a great year for Expressing Motherhood. On personal levels, our families are healthy and our kids are all doing well in school. Lindsay and I both have side projects that scratch small itches in our personal lives, proving to be both fun and somewhat adventurous. is helping to project Lindsay’s voice about safety on our roads while driving. Driving and Texting should be on the minds of all of us and she’s been able to put it in the spotlight. She’s even now contributing to on safety.

I have, which is just a hyper-local site about my favorite town! The Rose Run has raised another $10,000 for breast cancer research and we’ve filed our paper work for our 501 (c)(3) status.

photo-20Lindsay’s family took trips to Legoland and a magnificent getaway down south a bit in California where they chilled on the beach and took naps in the sun. We went to Michigan for the summer again and created many more memories with family.

Expressing Motherhood not only did a Mother’s Day show here in LA, but we went to Chicago for the first time as well!



IMG_9493We LOVED Chicago and besides the show, we ate amazing Chicago Dogs, Ann Sather’s Cinnamon Rolls and enjoyed a night out at Second City. We even took a bike tour through Chicago, which might have been my personal favorite tourist thing I’ve ever done.

Big news for Expressing Motherhood was that we signed a deal with Rooftop Media in San Fransisco to collaborate our comedic pieces from our shows to get some internet radio airplay. More details to come on that, but stay tuned… ExMo will be on a device near you!

Out of all of those moments, there is still one that will stand as our very favorite moment of 2013… The Today Show with Maria Shriver!

Jessica, Maria Shriver and Myself(Lindsay)
Jessica, Maria Shriver and Lindsay

Words cannot express how amazing this moment was for us. I mean, Maria Shriver was in Lindsay’s backyard….. All kidding aside, we were honored and blessed to have such an amazing, inspirational woman chose to feature Expressing Motherhood on her return to NBC as a West Coast correspondent for women’s issues.  Watch the video below!

We had a great year…*cheers* to 2014!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


We Are 6 Weeks From Our First 2014 Expressing Motherhood Show…Pre-Order Your Tickets!

Happy New Year 2014 images2013 is coming to a close, but things are looking great for the New Year!

Expressing Motherhood is only 6 weeks….6 weeks people…from our opening night for the first 2014 show set to open in Hollywood on February 7th.

We’ve got a spectacular cast for you, including some veteran performers as well as new faces to grace the stage.

Not only do we have a great show lined up, but we’ve got another fun opening night. Club MomMe in Los Angeles will be sponsoring our “Ladies Night Out’ on Friday, February 7th. With the price of your ticket that night, you will receive a free glass of wine and a really great goody bag from Club MomMe..oh, and don’t forget about the show…you’ll leave fully entertained and maybe even laughing or crying.

Sidebar EXMOThe future is bright! And the future is looking very good for entertainment. Get your tickets today on Eventbrite for Expressing Motherhood. Our LA shows are popular when it comes to ticket sales…so get yours today! They make great gifts, fun surprises, and stellar Girls’ Nights!

See the full schedule of performances below and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on all things “ExMo!”

The Lillian Theatre – 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038



Friday, February 7th  8pm

Saturday, February 8th  8pm

Sunday, February 9th  2pm & 7pm

Friday, February 14th  8pm

Saturday, February 15th  8pm

Sunday, February 16th   2pm & 7pm

We Had A Sunday Morning #MomsLAHoliday Style

Moonlight Rollerway
Moonlight Rollerway

They had me at ‘Moonlight Rollerway.’

I love to skate. Let me correct that, I love to Rollerblade. I haven’t been on actual quad skates in years. Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, California is a very fun, hip, happenin’ place to get your skate on. Most recently, I watched an episode of

Yvonne & Sarah of MomsLA
Yvonne & Sarah of MomsLA

Modern Family that filmed an episode there. It literally is “Where movie, tv, film and the celebrity stars skate and party.”

We are in LA after all. It’s kind of unavoidable.

What better place for MomsLA to host their #MomsLAHoliday party than at the roller rink.

MomsLA is LA’s go-to mom blog for all the topics that moms in Los Angeles care about, including public and private schools, local politics, parenting styles, blended families, healthy eating, home cooking, travel, and fitness. If you’re in the LA area raising a family, MomsLA is a great place to find a lot of information.

As a matter of fact, Director, Lindsay Kavet, has written several posts for MomsLA.         You can find those HERE…


When we got to the rink, my daughter immediately got some hair bling thanks to They were providing some fun stuff including manicures and the hair glitter you see here. I think it’s in our DNA to be attracted to anything sparkly.




Pizza on Wheels
Pizza on Wheels

MomsLA works with some very great sponsors including Jamba Juice and the delicious Fresh Brothers Pizza. Lunch was on them! And what was really awesome is that the owner got his skates on and did a few Pizza laps. My kids were geeked that they got to give a pizza a high five and squeeze his nose.

You can find Fresh Brothers online and on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. 



Kim Tracy Prince
Kim Tracy Prince


The best part of this morning was the fact that MomsLA in collaboration with Help A Mother Out, collected 1788 diapers, cash and countless wipes for homeless babies and tots in the LA area. Upcoming Hollywood ExMo cast member, Kim Tracy Prince has been a Los Angeles area representative for Help A Mother Out for a while and was there doing the collecting!



IMG_4920The kids and I had a fantastic Sunday morning skating our hearts away… well, my daughter and I did. My son, gave it great try, but fell one too many times and decided quad skates were not on his agenda for the day. But, the parting gift cheered him right up.

Thank you MomsLA for supporting all things moms!

You can find MomsLA online, on Facebook and Twitter.




A Brand New SoCal Community Theater Prepares For Their Debut With “Annie!”

Annie’s debut is set for December 20th

Here in these parts, we love live theater!

There’s nothing quite like a stage with people on it telling a story…to reiterate, we love live theater.

Los Angeles has some very great spots to go see a show, some big places you can find Downtown and some very small ‘few seaters’ nestled in the heart of neighborhoods you might not have known existed. We love it all.

On December 20th, a production of Annie will go up at the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn. I’m very excited to this production of Annie…mostly because this will be the debut production of Burbank’s Community Theater. And I love Burbank.

Founder, Julia Swanwick

Julia Swanwick is a Boston native who moved to Burbank in 2006. She loved the art scene that Burbank provides, but noticed something was missing…a Community Theater.

Julia wanted to  “start the group on the principles of mentorship and inclusion, whoever you are and however you wish to participate, you are welcome.”

Her vision is about to become a reality. She and her team have worked very hard this past year to raise funds through Kickstarter to fully fund a performance of Annie…really, a dream come true for Julia.

The Orphans of Annie

Julia and the team tried their best to get everyone a part who auditioned…truly a community. It will be going up for one weekend just before Christmas. What a perfect show for the holidays!

Over at my hyper local site,, we’re raffling off tickets to see this production. But if that doesn’t work out for you… you can purchase tickets HERE……


For more information on Burbank Community Theater and this production of Annie, visit their website at  

You can find them also on Instagram Facebook Pinterest and Twitter.



Visit Us At Holiday In The Park In Burbank Friday Night…And Enter To Win 2 Free Tickets To The Show!

If you live in Southern 1460212_632085150175285_1293945120_nCalifornia, Burbank has an event once a month that is a lot of fun for the whole family…but also makes a great Ladies Night Out.

It’s actually called Ladies Night Out and it happens the last Friday of every month.

It just so happens that in November, Ladies Night Out is transformed into Holiday In The Park.   This event also happens to be one of my very favorite community events here in Burbank.

There will be food trucks, Santa, Live Music, Vintage Cars, Food Collections for our local Aid Center, local vendors and not to mention the magnificent stores located up and down Magnolia Blvd in Burbank!

Lindsay and I will be setting up a booth to spread some Expressing Motherhood cheer. We will be located in the Bank Of America parking lot with several other locals, and if you come on by to see us and take photo to share on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram using #ExMoHollywood, you will be entered to win two FREE tickets to our Hollywood show in February!

We hope to see you there this Friday night, November 22nd, from 5pm-9pm!

For all the information you need (Directions/parking) on Holiday In the Park…click here.