Expressing Motherhood, Santa Monica Mother’s Day Show

Expressing Motherhood will have a May 3rd show at 8PM at the Moss Theatre at the Herb Alpert Education Village at New Roads School.


The night will be sponsored by Mom.Me and Club Mom Me.


Come celebrate your friendships with your fellow mom friends and hear brave women get up on stage and share their stories with you.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Meet The Cast:

Wendy Hammers

Lindsay Kavet

Shea Andreone

Mommy Tonk

Marni Ayers

Amelia Dalgaard

Michelle Joyner

Liza Marquez

KarenĀ Rappaport McHugh

Jessica Patay

Jill Remez

Rachel Sarnoff

Lan Tran

Suzanne Weerts



Theatre is not dull.

Yesterday I received an email that the theatre I have had booked was closing its doors at the end of this month.

In between wiping up vomit from my 4 year-old I secured a new theatre for the February show.

The show will no longer be in Silver Lake but rather in Hollywood on Fairfax at the lovely Open Space Cafe and Theatre.

February 7th at 7PM, one night only.

Support your local theatre peeps, the cities are getting so pricey we are losing our theatres left and right.

Thank you all for your understanding!

Tickets here.