New Episode on Podcast: Anne Tollet, Interior Designer

Anne Hulcher Tollet and I had a 45 minute conversation that is up on the newest episode of the Expressing Motherhood podcast.


Anne is one funny, smart, candid, Southern mom.


She has a staff that is helping her with her thriving business, Hanover Avenue. Hanover Avenue helps you become your own interior designer, with the guidance from Anne and /or other designers.


You can listen to the episode by going to iTunes and searching for Expressing Motherhood under podcasts or clicking here.

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Here are a few of her videos from her site.



New Dates & Venues for Fall LA Shows

Please note that both of the Fall shows have changed venues and dates.

The former September show will now be held on October 3rd & 4th @ 7:30PM in Silver Lake at Spirit Studio Silverlake.

The former November 4th show in DTLA will now be on Saturday November 7th @7:30PM in Silver Lake at Spirit Studio Silverlake.

If you have purchased tickets for the September show please call Brown Paper Tickets 1-800-838-3006 and cancel your ticket. If you have any problems please email me. lindsay(at)expressing

This lovely, warm space is more intimate so I’m guessing we are going to sell out quickly. I will let you know when tickets become available.

This is not ideal but if you have ever watched “Bullets Over Broadway” or worked in theatre as you know the show must go on despite, well it’s theatre darling.

"Don't Speak" Bullet Over Broadway

ExMoShow Podcast: New Episode, Janet Baruch

In the latest Expressing Motherhood podcast episode I interviewed Janet Baruch.

Landscape Designer Janet Baruch. Owner of Greenway Gardens.
Landscape Designer Janet Baruch. Owner of Greenway Gardens.

She is a landscape designer based out of Richmond, Virginia. After going through a divorce, years ago now, she went and earned her certificate to become a landscape designer and started her own successful business, Greenway Gardens.

A parterre garden Janet designed years ago now flourishing.
A parterre garden Janet designed years ago now flourishing.

Janet has two girls in their 20’s and 3 stepsons in their late 20’s and early 30’s and is happily re-married.

She’s also my Aunt and one of my favorite people!

Fresh figs cut from Janet's fig tree in her yard.
Fresh figs cut from Janet’s fig tree in her yard.

We covered how she built her business, at first working for free. How she tells people right up front how much she charges and sends over a contract before beginning work and she admits she needs to do more with social media. She does have an Instagram account but tends to post a lot of photos of her dog.

Her dog Oliver and flowers!
Her dog Oliver and flowers!

We had a great conversation and it’s quite informative, if you listen to it and have the time please leave a review on iTunes and subscribe to the show. In this day and age toughness seems to be defined by tattoos and hair dye, though my aunt only sports blonde hair and no tattoos she is tough, smart and cool while also offering some Southern charm.


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Upcoming Expressing Motherhood Shows & Submissions

Expressing Motherhood has a lot of shows this Fall, all over the nation.

The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast
The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast

Buy your tickets for:


Submissions for the first ever Des Moines, Iowa show will be accepted October 19th. Information here.

The new Expressing Motherhood podcast has already interviewed multiple creative moms from across the nation. Tune in on iTunes and please feel free to leave a review.

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Lindsay Kavet


New Podcast Episode With Megan Dolan

In this episode Expressing Motherhood speaks to Long Beach mom/writer/actress Megan Dolon.


I recently watched Megan in her one-woman show, “Snack.” She performed it as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

It can’t get any more real than this. Megan Dolan is a powerhouse storyteller, a veritable “Desperate Housewife” coming to terms with own fears and anxieties in the most practical and careful ways, through vivid, lively writing that strikes a beautiful, emotional balance between past and present. Highly Recommended. —Tracey Paleo (Gia on the Move)

Sunday, July 12th at The Asylum Lab you can grab her show one more time as it has been extended.

We talked about how she would write for 10 minutes each night after her two young kids went to bed and that’s how she wrote her show. We covered a lot more and you can listen to the episode here. It’s also on iTunes. Please subscribe! You can also listen to it by clicking below.

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Megan will be in the upcoming Expressing Motherhood cast in DTLA in September.