Meet the Fall LA Cast(s)

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Meet the casts:

October/ Silver Lake, CA: October 3&4 at 7:30PM


Olivia Perez-Armendariz

Kim Tracy Prince

Megan Dolon

Amy Chesler

Adriann Cocker

Larry Dean Harris

Nora Plesent

Suzanne Weerts

Diane Pershing

Loretta Fox

Jacquelyn De Longe

Meet the November/ Silver LakeCast: November 7th @7:30PM

Mommy Tonk

Amy Loftus

Elizabeth Aquino

Michele Wallace

Jennifer Seifert

Jillian Lauren

Sheila James

Laura Diamond

Stephanie Abraham

Susanna Morgan

Vicki Juditz



Submissions and a New Podcast Episode: Loretta Fox

Thank you to all who submitted for the September Expressing Motherhood show in Los Angeles. The cast will be announced soon.

I felt pretty raw after going through the submissions yesterday. I went and sat in my messy playroom and was just comforted by my kids’ toys and wished I could cast a spell to keep them this age forever. Your stories broke and re-shaped my heart, as they always do.

I just interviewed LA mom and actress Loretta Fox.

LORETTA FOX FOX January 2006 TCA Party held at Citizen Smith, Hollywood, California. January 17th, 2006 Photo: Zach Lipp/AdMedia/Capital Pictures Ref: ZL/ADM full length jeans denim grey gray jacket © Capital Pictures
FOX January 2006 TCA Party held at Citizen Smith, Hollywood, California.
January 17th, 2006
Photo: Zach Lipp/AdMedia/Capital Pictures
full length jeans denim grey gray jacket
© Capital Pictures


We talked about being a step-mom, having her birth son at 40, being cast as the “utility mom” now at 50, how she meditates daily, her 11 year-old son is now acting and how she now teaches improv classes to kids. Listen along here. Please Follow(subscribe) to the podcast.

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The Boston Fall 2015 Expressing Motherhood Cast

Local producer Robin Maxfield and myself are happy to introduce to you the Boston cast! The stories are rich and full of moments you really don’t want to miss.


Thrilled to have Expressing Motherhood back in Boston, the last time we were there it was the Fall of 2015 and the Local Producer was Sabrina Kavet.

Buy your ticket here!

Liz Correll

Amanda MacKinnon

Andrea Meyer

Sue Schmidt

Christine Carr

Susanna Baum

Robin Maxfield

Mary Hannon

Joanne Powers

Kyra Anderson


Podcast: Expressing Motherhood Talks To Elizabeth Soutter

Last night in my hot closet I talked to Boston mom Elizabeth Soutter for the Expressing Motherhood podcast.


We talked about:

  • Why she shut down her popular blog in 2011.
  • How she was blogging about motherhood, before Dooce.
  • Why she doesn’t trust a lot of what bloggers are writing anymore due to so much sponsored content.
  • Paying for an office outside of the home.

Elizabeth has been in Expressing Motherhood twice, once in the Boston 2010 show and then the second time in Chicago in 2013.

You can listen here. Please subscribe to the podcast!

Meet The First Expressing Motherhood Sioux Falls Cast

Meet the first Expressing Motherhood Sioux Falls, South Dakota cast.


A huge thank you to all who submitted their stories. Local Producer Megan Pederson and myself are happy to present the cast:

Virginia DeBoer

Brooke Moeckly

Annie Lanning

Kjerstin Smith

Chantel Olson

Loretta Tschetter

Kate Hayes

Raena Rasmussen

Gretchen Gammeter

Rachael Meyerink

Janice Gilbert

Tickets will go on sale in July.

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Save $5 Off Your San Francisco Ticket

From now until July 1st you can use the promo code: exmoshow to save $5 off the price of your ticket to Expressing Motherhood’s first ever San Francisco show.





Submissions for the September Downtown Los Angeles show will be accepted ON June 23rd. Details here.



Submissions for the very first Des Moines, Iowa Expressing Motherhood will be accepted October 19th.



Los Angeles Submissions Accepted On June 23rd

Submissions for the Fall Downtown LA show will be accepted June 23rd only. Please see Submissions for details.


I was fortunate enough to meet Jillian Lauren at Mom2Summit last month and chatted with her on the new Expressing Motherhood podcast. Please tune in around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Had some technical difficulties but the interview was interesting. Jillian has a wonderful new memoir out, “Everything You Ever Wanted.” We talked about tantrums in public spaces, when and how often she writes, friendships and more. Listen here.

Jillian Lauren
Jillian Lauren


Expressing Motherhood San Francisco 2015


Expressing Motherhood was created in 2008 by two SAHM Lindsay Kavet and Jessica Cribbs. 


Kavet will be bringing the show up North for one night only. It will consist of locals and some others who wanted to travel just to be a part of the show.

Outrageous mom/musical duo MommyTonk will perform.



The show has gone to lots of cities across the country but this is the first time the show will be going to San Francisco. The show consists of people sharing their stories about motherhood on stage.

It truly makes for a wonderful night out, mom, dad, friend, anyone.  We will be at the beautiful Brava Theatre.

Get your tickets here!


The San Francisco Cast:

Kay DeMartini

Carolyn Doyle

Anne Etue

Wendy Hammers

Elyce Frydman


Susanna Morgan

Baruch Porras-Hernandez

Joanne Powers

Michelle Villemaire

Ed Wolf

Tickets are now on sale.

Submissions, A Podcast and a New City

A big thank you to all who submitted for the Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls shows. We will get back to you within the next two weeks.

The September Los Angeles show will be accepting submission on June 23rd. Please check under Submissions for details on showtimes and rehearsals.


We have one more city to announce, Expressing Motherhood will be headed to Des Moines, Iowa in the Spring! Local Producer Ashlen Sheaffer will be heading up the show over there. Submissions for the Des Moines show will be accepted October 19th.


This is a video we shot back in 2009 when we were aiming to take ExMo to Des Moines in 2010. Thankfully we changed plans as I would have had to fly with a 6 week old colicky baby (no bleeping way.)


Tomorrow I’ll be talking to LA mom/writer Jillian Lauren on the ExMo podcast.