Submissions Accepted June 1 for Sioux Falls, Boston & San Francisco

Submissions will be accepted on Monday, June 1st for the Sioux Falls, Boston and San Francisco Fall 2015 Expressing Motherhood shows.


Please see Submissions for information.

We are looking for pieces that, when read aloud, are 5 minutes long.

They need to be your story about motherhood.

You need not be a female or a mother.

Piece can be in the form of a monologue, song, skit or my yet to be had but wanted….dance number.

Local Producer Megan Pederson was featured on KeloLand today talking about how Expressing Motherhood is headed to Sioux Falls for the first time and submissions will be accepted this Monday.


New Episode on the Podcast: Interview with Beth Littleford

Expressing Motherhood has a new episode up on its podcast.

Check Out Parents Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Expressing Motherhood on BlogTalkRadio


Beth Littleford shares a ton with me.


*Her favorite drug of choice (being on stage)


*Why your 40’s are really a great time for women.

*How having a nanny is a form of taking care of ones self

Just get past the first minute of me wrestling with the music, ahhh, I’ll figure it out I promise.


Submissions for Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls Accepted June 1st



Expressing Motherhood will be accepting submissions for the upcoming Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls shows on June 1st.

All information is under the page Submissions but here it is as well.

To submit for Boston:

Please send your piece to local host/producer Robin Maxfield at boston(at) ON June 1st.

Confirm you can be at the rehearsals and showtime, this is under the page Submissions.

To submit for San Francisco:

Please send your piece to Lindsay Kavet at sanfrancisco(at) ON June 1st.

Confirm you can be at the rehearsal and showtime, this is under the page Submissions.

To submit for Sioux Falls:

Please send your piece to local host/producer Megan Pederson at siouxfalls(at) ON June 1st.

Confirm you can be at the rehearsals and showtimes, this is under the page Submissions.

Excited to read your submissions and bring the show to so many new cities.

If you are wondering what it is like to be a part of the show here is what former ExMo alum, Laura Diamond, has to say about her experience.

Expressing Motherhood Has 3 Segments Up on Its New Podcast

Over the past week I have barely put a bra on but I did launch Expressing Motherhood’s podcast  and it’s been a delight to run into my closet and talk to creative moms from all walks of life.

I’m hosting the podcast on BlogTalkRadio. You can go there and find Expressing Motherhood’s show, please subscribe!

We kicked it off with Mommy Tonk. I talked to this comedy duo while there were in their hotel room up in Santa Barbara as they have composed music for a play up there.

Listen here.


We touched on topics such as:

*Their upcoming tour

*When/How they find time to work together

*When they argue

*How they come up with their songs

Next up I had the pleasure of talking to ExMo alum Laura Diamond.

Listen here.

asynpzes shelter-us-cover-with-blurb

We talked about:

*How she published her book

*How much time she allots toward writing(the answer might surprise you)

Most recently I interviewed ExMo alum Elizabeth Aquino. She is a Los Angeles mom of 3. Listen here.


We talked about:

*Her continuing care towards her disabled 20 year-old daughter Sophie

*Being accepted into the prestigious, all women retreat up at Hedgebrook

*How her blog has been a daily exercise for her writing skills

*Some days she just wants to get off Facebook.

I have enjoyed listening to these women more then I imagined. I should say I knew I’d enjoy talking to them but I think others will enjoy listening to the podcast. At first I thought it might be old pieces read aloud but then organically it became me talking to creative moms.

I hope you will tune in and please subscribe.

If you are interested in being on the show please email me.

New Podcast: Expressing Motherhood Interviews MommyTonk

Expressing Motherhood has its first official episode up on the podcast. It’s taken some lessons but I’m getting there. They first 10 seconds are dicey but it gets good. Listen here.

The first episode features MommyTonk. We talked about why they exist, how they find time to be creative, how they sometimes don’t see eye to eye, why Hollywood needs them.

IMG_6236 IMG_6238

Expressing Motherhood Adds 2 More Cities

Expressing Motherhood will be back in Los Angeles this Fall.


We will be headed over to the beautiful Downtown Independent again in September. Details to be announced ASAP.


Submissions for the Fall DTLA #ExMoShow will be accepted June 23rd.

We will also be headed to another city in the midwest which I will announce very soon.

This Fall we are headed to:

San Francisco

Los Angeles(DTLA)

Sioux Falls


Submissions for San Francisco, Sioux Falls and Boston accepted June 1st.

Submissions for DTLA accepted June 23rd.


Expressing Motherhood Fall 2015: San Francisco, Boston & Sioux Falls

Expressing Motherhood is headed to two new cities this Fall, San Francisco and Sioux Falls.


We will also be headed back to Boston.

All three shows will be accepting submissions on June 1st.

Expressing Motherhood will have local producers put on the the show in Sioux Falls and Boston. Megan Pederson will be producing the Sioux Falls show. She is available via email at siouxfalls(at)expressing Robin Maxfield, an ExMo alum, will be producing the Boston show, she is available via email at boston(at)expressing


For show details please see Submissions.

We are looking for stories about motherhood to be shared on stage. They should be no longer then 5 minutes when read aloud.

Looking forward to seeing the  show enjoyed by more people this Fall!


Watch ExMo DTLA Performers Online

Expressing Motherhood has a YouTube Channel that has some of our past performers and original videos up on it.  Please subscribe to it.

Also, please subscribe to our site as Facebook shows less and less and this way you’ll be alerted as to when submissions and shows will be. The subscribe button is to your left.

Over the past few years ExMo has been more active on Vimeo and with kids so there aren’t too many videos but please look around.

Here is Jeff Leavell’s piece, a moving tribute to his eccentric mom.

Expressing Motherhood Sioux Falls Dates Announced

Expressing Motherhood is happy to announce the dates for the Fall Sioux Falls show.


Local producer Megan Pederson has locked down the beautiful theater at the Washington Pavillion in the Belbas Theatre.



Rehearsals will be on the 14th and the showtimes will be on the 15 and 16 of October.

Get to writing Sioux Falls.

Submissions will be accepted June 1st.

For questions please email Megan at siouxfalls(at)