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I am excited to be writing for Mom.Me these days. I often vacillate about what I should share on this site as I like it to remain my tabula rasa to some extent.


BUT I obviously have let a lot hang out, especially if you hop on over to the video section.

At the beginning of the year I wrote about something I have never shared before and has taken me years to figure out and talk about. Getting or rather, trying to get, a family member into rehab and mental illness. You can read about it here over on Mom.Me.


I’m happy have another space to let my freak flag fly. Because in doing so the world continues to feel less freaky.


Information on The Next Show: Downtown LA

Expressing Motherhood is headed to the  historic Downtown Independent Theatre for our next show.


The show will be April 22nd, one night only, at 7:30PM.

Tickets on sale soon.

The modern theatre seats 236, wine, beer, candy & popcorn are sold inside. Nearby lots surround the theatre where parking can be found. The venue is located on Second and Main St, right near where skid row meets Little Tokyo.


Submissions for this show will be accepted February 16th, again one day only.


Looking forward to being in yet another location in Los Angeles.  As ExMo has since it’s origins in ’08 diversity of stories is being sought so please help spread the word about the show.


Thank you,




ExMo News: Submissions & Private Mommy Tonk Show

Expressing Motherhood will accept submissions for one day only, February 16th. Be a part of the upcoming Spring LA show.


The show dates will be announced by the end of this week.

The second event going on will be a private viewing of ExMo alums Mommy Tonk. Dinner, drinks & MommyTonk included. Tickets are $40 and all proceeds go to TIOH. Buy your ticket here.


Expressing Motherhood continues to crop up on Spotify so listen for select stories there.

Submissions Open 2.16.14 For the Next Expressing Motherhood LA Show

Submissions will be open for one day only, Monday, February 16th, 2015 for the next LA Spring show.


Details about how to submit can be found here.

Details on the theatre will be posted ASAP. Along with dates and times.

Please spread the word to your friends who might be interested in submitting. There is no audition process, no need, I don’t believe in that for this kind of show. Just need your story, when read aloud, 5 minutes or less.

Looking forward to it.