To Start Another Blog Or Not, That Is The Question

I have been hashing over the idea of starting my own site.

Somewhere where I can talk about whatever I like without tainting ExMo with my freakiness.

But then, who needs another mom blogger?! Right?!

I’ve been on this path of simplifying for a year now. Saying no. And doing even less.

But I love to write and it makes me feel sane and sanity is obviously very good when you are a mom.

Plus, from a business stand point and Jessica and I have always, since day 1 in January 2008 treated this like we were a huge business, meaning we have run it like professionals, professionals who baked chocolate chip cookies and sold them at their shows.

My pregnant bump when we took the show to NYC in 2009. Just a year after we conceived it. Sold out all nights. Jessica was pregnant too and her morning sickness kicked in on the plane ride back.
My pregnant bump when we took the show to NYC in 2009. Just a year after we conceived it. Sold out all nights. Jessica was pregnant too and her morning sickness kicked in on the plane ride back.

Anyways, just thinking out loud here this morning.

How about you, how many blogs do you have?! I also have Fix The Toaster. But that’s very specific.

Anyways, I’m delirious from a cold and giddy because I’ve been in my pajamas for two days and sort of liking all the extra help.

Interested in your thoughts.

New Sweatshirts & Racerback T’s Headed Our Way Soon

We have a limited amount of super cute new Expressing Motherhood gear coming in soon.


We will be selling it online and at It Takes a Village in Montrose.

This design was done by my(Lindsay) great friend Agnete Oernsholt. We only made a few of this older design and I’ve been complimented so often and most recently by Gigi who owns It Takes A Village that we are making more. New styles and some hot pink.

These are all ordered in very small batches so if you are interested drop us a line at We might do a pre-order.


Uploading the Latest Show For You!

I am in the process of uploading the most recent LA show and I just got excited for people everywhere to be able to see it.


As soon as I figure out how to actually upload it to Vimeo, that is.

So plan on watching it this weekend with your mom friend’s, yourself, your partner.

It’s a great show!

We are excited to be a part of Celebrating Creative Moms this Mother’s Day Weekend.

Also, don’t forget ALL of our shirts are on SALE for $12! That includes shipping. We have maternity shirts. Really we are giving these bad boys away. Organic, made in California shirts. The sale will end in a week.

ExMo MeetUp: “The Shelter of Each Other”



In the last two years I haven’t been as happy as when I housed my family under my roof.

I mean a lot of my family.

We had just moved into a new home 8 weeks prior, I had a 9 month old, a 2 year-old and a 5 year-old and I had recently put on an Expressing Motherhood show. We were commuting our oldest 2 hours a day to finish out his school year at his old school.

I was overweight and incredibly stressed and when all of the sudden my mom’s visit turned into my aunt, my cousin’s, my other uncle and his kids I was thrilled.

Most of us just slept here. Some on our floor. You are probably thinking, sure that’s what you people from Iowa do. But my family from Iowa all come from gorgeous homes that we would be ridiculously un-affordable here in LA and my aunt from Virginia comes from a great place as well.

So there we were all 13 of us in our new home.

And the harmony that ensued was at once familiar with the ease it brought and bittersweet as I knew it would be brief.

While one of us cooked the other was in charge of the babies. The young cousins played with each other and after the kids went to bed we all stayed up talking and laughing too late each night.

Every night we sat on our new porch and I wished, quietly, that every night could be that way. Yet since that week it has been mostly under-used.

We lived in an ever increasing isolating world.

I remember when I was in my early 20’s I wanted to make a short documentary about the busboys I worked with. These jovial Latinos who would live 8 to a 2 bedroom apartment while I was renting a huge house in the hills with 4 other guys who had gone to college with me and we couldn’t stop fighting over who got the biggest room. I would title it “Space.” Steal my idea, it’s OK. I’m too busy 😉

People always say, oh “I’m a loser I moved back” to where ever it was he/she was from. In America there is a stigma about that.

But I have always seen the beauty as I grew up in a nomadic lifestyle. I envied community and longed for it.

Ironically I’m raising my kids in Los Angeles, a very transient city. A move to a suburb a few years ago has made old feelings of not having roots raise it’s head and I have stumbled over and over.

I recently sat in a private school I was touring and glanced at a book called “The Shelter of Each Other” by Mary Pipher. 


I ordered it off Amazon and am quite moved and taken aback by it.

Expressing Motherhood would like to host an ExMo Meet Up on Tuesday June 3rd at Mama’s Secret Bakery in Hollywood, 9:30AM, $15 ticket. I’ll post an Eventbrite so you can let me know if you’ll be making it or not.

We hope you’ll join us there.


New Mommy Tonk Video: Gotta Go To Target

When Shannon Noel first performed for Expressing Motherhood 5 years ago one of her lines made they audience and myself roar with laughter. It was, “Why doesn’t Target have a drive thru?”

5 years later Shannon and her creative soul mate Stacie Burrows have formed Mommy Tonk and have just released their newest song, “Gotta Go To Target.”


I think most of you will relate.

You can catch Mommy Tonk in Hollywood on May 15th at the M Bar. Tickets sell fast, don’t delay.